A Multi-Sensory Art Experience comes to Cape Town brings a truly unique, one of its kind, art installation to Cape Town on December 3- one that brings together an integrated visual, aural, aromatic and savory art experience by intricately weaving together the work of local artists, dj’s, chefs and sommeliers in a single space.


No, it’s not just an event – each art form is actually connected in strange, amusing and delightful ways.

Come find out! Thursday, December 3 from 5.30pm @ 130 Bree St, Cape Town

Meet the artists

A sensual journey through

visual art, music, food,

wines & aromatics

The audience is taken on a journey through visual art, music, food, wines and aromatics that are presented to complement one another.

The relationship between each of the components is curated collectively by the artists in each domain and

The audience is “guided” through the experience by bringing together various components at a single location within the space.

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