Correspondence Courses

Write In Your Own Space And At Your Own Pace

I am a writerOur motivational and inspirational correspondence courses are specifically designed to make it easier for storytellers who would like to master the craft of writing and focus on the art of conquering the creative process.

Our courses follow in the renowned tradition and excellence of 19 years of workshops and master classes throughout South Africa and give storytellers a unique opportunity to write in their own space and at their own pace.

An added bonus is the interactive one-on-one communication between accredited writing coach and mentor Daniel Dercksen and yourself, affording you to question and clarify the self tasks, tasks and comprehensive notes of the 12 units during the course.

The Write Journey: Mastering The Art Of Visual Narrative

‘’I’m a writer learning the process of film making and production, with the goal of building an international film production company. The Write Journey is quite encouraging, straightforward, and easy to understand. While it was challenging in certain areas, Daniel encourages his students to ask questions, and think critically and creatively. To anyone who’s looking to better hone their skills in writing, I would recommend his courses.’’ Sam Mann ,  Tucson, Arizona

This interactive course is ideal writers who would like to write a screenplay for feature film or television. It is a journey into the world of film and filmmaking, empowering you to take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression. Read more

The Write Fiction for Novelists

Following in the tradition of 19 years of extensive workshops throughout South Africa, and courses internationally, The Write Fiction is an interactive course for writers who would like to write a novel or short story.

The Write Fiction is an interactive, intimate and introspective journey into the world of story, empowering you to take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression.  Read more

The Write Voice: Find Your Voice As A Writer

Are you guilty of spending more time talking about your writing, than actually sitting down and putting words to paper? Do you find it difficult to start writing, not sure what medium to write for, or what to write? The Write Voice inspires you to get in touch with your creative self, find your purpose in writing and explore the endless possibilities you have to tell your story. It is ideal for first-time writers who would like to define their writing skills, and also recommended for seasoned writers who are trapped in the web of re-writes and unfinished projects, or lost in the maze of the daunting writing process. Read more

The Write Drama: A unique course for budding dramatists

If you are a storyteller who enjoys the world of live theatre and have a talent for writing dialogue and bringing character’s vividly to life, the world is your stage to showcase your talent. Our The Write Drama course for playwrights offers you an opportunity to turn words into action. Read more

Kids Write

Our new course takes children through the process of writing their stories. Aimed at children from the age of 10 to 18, it’s a unique course that allows young writers to explore their voice as writers and tell their stories. Read more

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