Inspiration Inspires Creativity

Inspiration fuels the creative process and feeds our souls.

By Daniel Dercksen

InspirationCreation begins with inspiration.

Something inspires passion and motivates storytellers, storymakers and artists to share its divine spark with others who seek inspiration.

When Oscar Wilde saw a painting of the Biblical Princess Salome, it inspired him to write the play Salome, which in turn inspired Richard Strauss to compose an opera, and Ken Russell made the controversial film Salome’s Last Dance – this film was set in the brothel where Wilde was arrested for gross indecency with men, with prostitutes and young lovers performing the play Salome to Wilde. Wilde was convicted and imprisoned for two years’ hard labour. In 1897, in prison, he wrote De Profundis, which was published in 1905, a long letter which discusses his spiritual journey through his trials, forming a dark counterpoint to his earlier philosophy of pleasure.


Inspiration is something:

  • We hear: conversations and overheard conversations can lead to wonderful dialogue driven stories.
  • We feel: Whether we’re in love, in pain, filled with fear, or happy and on cloud nine, it underscores the emotions of characters in storytelling. Think of the imaginative Inside Out
  • We experience: A walk through a forest, swimming in the ocean, the solitude of a cabin in a vast mountain range … these experiences allow us to open up our stories and explore the world our characters live in.
  • We taste: There are many stories and films inspired by great meals, think of Babette’s Feast and The Hundred Foot journey, inspiring us to cook or taste the food of different cultures.
  • We smell: The lingering fragrance of a women’s perfume, or the smoke from a forest fire allow us to experience the sensation of love and fear of death.
  • We dream: Fantastic dreams and frightening nightmares lead to great stories. Think if A Nightmare in Elm Street…
  • We fantasise about: Nothing beats fantasy in storytelling, telling unimaginable stories
  • We find in people: The triumph of the human spirit always inspires.


Inspiration is something storytellers and writers constantly crave. Without it, the well of creativity dries up.

It is vital to keep the well of inspiration running over.

How do we do this?

  • Don’t think you know everything or have seen it all, seek inspiration every day, all the time, and make it your mission to find something every day that inspires you.
  • Find someone that inspires you and write their story.
  • Leave your comfort zone and explore the endless possibilities life, nature, people and its miraculous possibilities have to offer freely and with abundance.

It could be anything, and nothingness will evolve into something greater you could have ever imagined.

That single moment of inspiration can ignite a journey that will last a lifetime.

tumblr_ldgon0rg701qa0nd6o1_1280Inspiration triggers passion, and passion fosters creation.

Being inspired is inspirational, and allows others to find meaning in your words and resonance in your story, reflecting harboured desires and buried secrets.

Inspiration brings to light what lurks in the dark and shines its light radiantly on issues we need to confront to fully embrace our humanity.

Inspiration shows us what it is like to be human.

It gives hope and allows us to see past the obvious and illuminates the endless possibilities there are to tell our stories.

All we have to do is allow ourselves to be receptive to inspiration, to willingly lose ourselves in its magical potency and let it guide us beyond realms of reason.

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