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Dis ek, Anna 3DIS EK, ANNA Dis ek, Anna is about the sexual abuse of Anna Bruwer by her stepfather over a period of eight years. Silent Anna, she called herself because she could not tell anyone what had happened between her and her stepfather. Not her mother, not her best friend and not even her own father. In the story, the viewer becomes intimately involved in the child’s twilight world of shame, threats and silence and how she takes revenge. The film based on Anchien Troskie’s best-selling fictionalised autobiographical novels Ek, Anna and Die Staat Teen Anna Bruwer. While the filmmakers have handled the subject with great sensitivity and care, the film confronts abuse head on. Directed by Sara Blecher and stars Charlené Brouwer in the title role, along with Morné Visser, Nicola Hanekom, Marius Weyers, Eduan van Jaarsveldt, Drikus Volschenk and newcomer Izel Bezuidenhout as young Anna. Dawid Minnaar, Elize Cawood, Hykie Berg, Ilze Klink and Fezile Mpela round out the cast. Read the review  Feature:  Bringing Dis Ek, Anna to the Big Screen

Premiere Invitation - The Jakes are MissingTHE JAKES ARE MISSING Written and produced by the talented and well-known Bianca Isaac and directed by Neal Sundstrom and Denny Miller, this film promises to entertain viewers, young and old, with its universal storyline and theme, filled with comedy, drama, intrigue and romance.  “This film is a global story that appeals to all South African audiences, as well as audiences outside the country. It deals with love – falling out of love, falling in love, finding new love, the old love that never dies and infatuation that always lurks around. The Jakes Are Missing is a fun light film for all – you will laugh, cry and fall in love all over again”, says Isaac. The Jakes have fallen out of love and into Police Protection…..Being at the wrong place at the wrong time sends a teenage boy, Simon (Mpho Sebeng) and his parents to a journey where they will rediscover what it means to love each other, again. Janice (Mampho Brescia) and Donald Jakes(Pope Jerrod) are at a crossroad, Janice wants to leave this relationship and Donald has been so busy at work he hasn’t noticed his wife hates him and wants to leave. One night, while supposedly being grounded, Simon sneaks out to a music event that could possible change his career forever. However it changes his life forever as he becomes the witness to a murder and escapes the crime scene with the one thing the criminals are willing to kill for…The Jakes are Missing features a star-studded cast with household names such as Mampho Brescia, Pope Jerrod, Mpho Sebeng, Nomzamo Mbatho, Darlington Michaels, Abigail Khubeka, Nicole Bailey, Heidie Mollentze, Celeste Ntuli, Dirk Stoltz, Zakeeya Patel and Jody Abrahams to name a few.

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ABRAHAM Undoubtedly one of the best South African films ever made, this Afrikaans masterwork from industry legend Jans Rautenbach tells the unforgettable tale of Abraham (portrayed by DJ Mouton), an artist and dreamer from Kannaland in the early 1980’s. Abraham, a dedicated husband and father struggles to provide for his young wife Katie (portrayed by Chantell Phillipus) and their four year old daughter. But through his creative determination he finds patronage in Jong Jans (portrayed by Hannes Muller) and his wife, Almeri (portrayed by Franci Swanepoel). Abraham and Katie settle into their new home working for Jong Jans and Almeri however Katie’s battles with mental illness and alcoholism infringe on their happiness. Abraham fiercely supports his wife but his own ambitions as an artist make him restless. Abraham is a dreamer who wishes to rise above his station in life and make his mark on the world. However the realities of his dire circumstances becomes the deterrent to his happiness. An inspiring and tragic tale, filled with the music of Kannaland, Abraham is an intimate and emotional viewing experience, written, directed and narrated by Jans Rautenbach. In Afrikaans with English Subtitles. Read the review

RECONNECT  In this local film two friends discover artificial intelligence on an old mainframe in an abandoned warehouse and complications arise when they try to lend a hand. Eric Scott and his friend, Jason White are working on a new game they are designing in their private time that will be launched soon. They both work for a large intelligence corporation called “Sky Corp”. After exploring an abandoned warehouse as a possible location for their game launch party, ERIC meets a mysterious artificial intelligent being on an old mainframe that remained there. The system is in a vulnerable shape and threatens the continued existence of “XJ-1” as Eric now calls him. In a courageous attempt, Eric finds a way to transfer him to one of Sky Corp’s extended storage systems and Jason unknowingly helps him. Not long after, XJ-1’s personality begins to change and starts to take over portions of Sky Corp’s mainframe. It is like a virus spreading uncontrollably and no one succeeds to get control back over the situation. Now knowing that it is entirely their fault, Eric and Jason heroically continue to try and find a way to save Sky Corp. In their search, they start to uncover a top secret project and find documents to support their theories. As the truth unfolds, relationships are put to the ultimate test and Eric has to deal with his past in order to reconnect with his destiny