New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

CelebrateYour Creativity

By Daniel Dercksen

Nothing is more cleansing for writers than the dawn of a New Year, filled with hopeful aspirations and new beginnings.

Pin this list to your mirror / noticeboard and make this your mantra

I accept that I have to write If I cannot enjoy or accept that I have to write, stop! I must take responsibility for my state of consciousness. If I am not taking responsibility for my state of consciousness, I am not taking responsibility for life.

I enjoy writing and being a writer Enjoyment replaces wanting as the motivating power behind my actions. My ability to enjoy writing and the quality of my life will increase dramatically. My joy is the dynamic aspect of Being. My joy of being is the joy of being conscious.

I am enthusiastic about my writing and being a writer Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm. My enthusiasm will bring enormous empowerment into what I write.

I am a storyteller I have the imagination, a sense of adventure and fun, an ability to weave a story together and to spellbind an audience/ readers, and I believe that lies cripple the artist and that I must question every truth.

I love my story My story is unique and original and can only be told through my writing. The characters in my story are more real than people and the fictional world is more profound than the real world.

I have a driving reason to write I love writing for its own sake. Whether it’s your primary way of expressing yourself, an outlet for your fantasies or a desire to entertain people, real storytellers don’t get satisfaction out of doing anything else.

I am passionate and obsessive Through writing I want to touch somebody. I am enthusiastic, all the time, even if I am the only person in the world who believes in what I am writing about.

I love drama and the dramatic Sudden surprises and revelations that bring changes in life fascinate me. I always turn ordinary events into extraordinary and dramatic/comedic events.

I love sensation I indulge myself in the physical and inner senses.

I love people and humanity I empathise with suffering souls and want to crawl inside their skins to see the world through their eyes.

I am a dreamer I enjoy taking leisurely rides on my imagination just to see where it takes me.

I have a great sense of humour I may not be able to stand the terrible indignities, humiliations, privations and shocks that attend the life of a storyteller, but I have developed a sense of humour about it.

I love words and language Nothing gives me more pleasure than sound and sense, syntax and semantics. I am that person who will buy dictionaries and read them from cover to cover.

I love duality I have an instinct for the hidden contradictions in life; a healthy suspicion that things are not what they pretend to be.

I am a painful perfectionist I write regularly and set writing goals and I have the discipline to keep on writing and re-writing in search of perfection.

I set a high standard of excellence I can discriminate between good and bad writing. Highly successful storytellers are successful because they do the job better than anyone else.

I trust my instinct and write what excites me I choose to write what excites me and never second-guess my instinct. Successful storytellers don’t let the marketplace rule their imagination.

I appreciate beauty I possess an innate sense that worships good writing and despises bad writing and knows the difference.

I accept the lonely task of a storyteller Writing can be a lonely profession. In the end, no matter how many storyteller support groups I belong to and no matter how many writing discussion boards I frequent, it is up to me to do the writing. I have to rely on my internal strength to create something, to write and to have a completed draft to submit. I do not need to be constantly reassured and pampered and never doubt that I am a storyteller.