Refine Your Story With The Write Draft

The Write Draft will turn your copy into exciting and thrilling narrative, into words and images that jump off the page and characters that resonate.

If you have completed the draft of a screenplay, stageplay, or manuscript for a novel, it is vital to find out whether your story works. It could mean the end of all your hard work and your career as a writer if you hand poorly written and undeveloped projects over to producers, directors, publishers, or potential investors.

The script editor is mainly an emotional archaeologist who will unearth the missing pieces of the puzzle. The editing process will be a collaborative process between the writer and editor.

The Write Draft mediates between the writer’s creative desires, the impulses, and the commercial imperatives of the marketplace, and edits / polishes a complete draft.

The editor will explore the tone, genre, style, structure, character, plot, action and dialogue of the draft and provide the writer with a different perspective on his story, as well as reminding the Scriptwriter of the production company’s requirements, and the market for the production company’s project.

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