The Most Important Meeting In Your Life

kelsey-blog-pic-4Don’t Waste Your Talent! Have a Monday Morning Meeting With Yourself

By Daniel Dercksen

If it seems that a Monday morning meeting with yourself is a total waste of valuable time, think again, for this could change everything about your success as a writer and how you fit into the normal scheme of things.

A Monday morning with yourself simply means this: setting up a meeting with yourself as a writer to honour the constant promises you make to those who want to read, hear or publish your story.

Why is this important?

As a writer you are constantly signing contracts with your editors, readers, audiences, publishers, producers, directors and all those who have to bring your story to life, promising them possible fame and fortune and that what they are doing adds meaning to their lives and make what they are doing, worth all the trouble.

This is a big promise. A mountain of responsibility.

If you fail to deliver it’s over.

There are many who can deliver.

They are the ones who will reaping rewards and getting the assignment, leaving you out in the cold, wondering miserably why you have failed as a writer, and steep even deeper into depression blaming yourself as a person being responsible for your lack of success.

That is why writing and being a writer is not about them, but about you, and it is only you who can make or break it in a career or industry where only the best means anything.

Nobody wants to work with a loser.

So, to avoid picking your loser self out of the gutters of despair, start off by signing a contract with yourself, and start doing that by setting up a Monday morning with your sorry and doubtful self.

It’s a crazy hectic world we live in where time stops for no-one and before you know it, New Year has dissolved into Christmas and another year bites the dust.

How do I do this?

It is as easy as setting 15 minutes aside every Monday morning before the week and life grabs you by the throat and strangles valuable time.

Also, do this this the old fashioned way, with a cup of tea or coffee or juice or whatever gets you going, and a notepad, notebook and a pen or pencil.

  • Start off by making a note of the commitments you have made the previous week: have a look at these commitments and be truthful. Have you done what you set out to? Did you deliver what you promised?   Even more importantly: How did this contribute to your life as a writer? Or was the week wasted?
  • Now look carefully at your broken promises and see if you save the day by slotting it into the coming week: this is where your learn how to prioritise and get rid of empty ideas.
  • Now set new goals and make more promises, knowing that you will not let it slip.
  • Now plan your week and remember, time management involves not only work, but play as well.

You have now taken ownership of your writing and are ruling your universe.

Everything else comes second.

You are now ready to boldly tackle the week ahead with confidence, knowing that you are going to go where few writers have gone before, and change the world.

It’s all about discipline, reigning in the wild horses, and taking control.

So, are you ready for your first Monday morning meeting?

You will soon find that you won’t be able to anything without this Monday morning meeting.

No-one and nothing will ever prevent you from taking control of your creative self and perfectly balancing it with everyday life.

You are the master of your own creative universe.

Take control.

Don’t waste valuable time, but even more importantly, don’t waste your talent.

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Copyright © 2015 Daniel Dercksen