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November 2015 releases

pro2Die Pro is a superb local film that tells the story of a young surfer, Tiaan Nothnagel who has to come to terms with the accidental death of his best friend, Dirkie Lawrence just before their last year at school. After Dirkie’s death, Tiaan swears off surfing as he cannot stand to be reminded of everything they once shared. Dirkie’s twin sister arrives in town on a mission: to be selected to go on Wave-Seekers, a fictional World Surf Tour and something that Tiaan and Dirkie dreamt of doing. In order to succeed, she needs Tiaan’s help, and by implication, she needs him to get back on his surfboard. Win a Die Pro DVD



The Riot Club is an intense thriller centred around an elitist gentleman’s club, created for the benefit of Oxford University’s wealthiest students. New student Miles joins Oxford, eager to throw himself into University life – he finds himself drawn to Lauren, an attractive and spirited working class student. Lauren is soon vying for Miles’ attention with Hugo, an older member of the Riot Club who sees him as Club material. Much to Mile’s dismay, the Riot Club is more than meets the eye and in a world where there are no limits, he finds his own tested.

5 flightsIn Richard Loncarine’s absolutely delightful 5 Flights Up, Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton play a retired married couple who have been living in a run-down apartment in a sketchy part of Brooklyn for forty years and are still love each other deeply.  With their neighborhood now very hip and their apartment worth a small fortune, they let Ruth’s niece Lily (Cynthia Nixon), a real estate agent, list their property to see what the market might bear. On the eve of their open house, the Brooklyn Bridge is rumored to be under a terrorist attack, sending the media into a frenzy and people’s attitudes about living in New York, and their beloved dog, is suddenly having trouble walking. They decide to go apartment hunting in Manhattan, where they miraculously come across an ideal place they might actually be able to afford. As the world around them seems to mirror their own chaos and confusion, they realize the same bond of love that has kept them together all these years will allow them to see their way through this crazy weekend as well.

Life of CrimeThe stylized dark caper comedy Life of Crime is based on Elmore Leonard’s novel and stars Jennifer Aniston as the wife of a corrupt real estate developer (Tom Robbins) who is kidnapped by two common criminals (Yasiin Bey and John Hawkes), who intend to extort him with inside information about his crooked business and off-shore accounts. But the husband decides he’d actually rather not pay the ransom to get back his wife, setting off an unbelievable sequence of double crosses and plot twists that could only come from the mind of Elmore Leonard.



After the ballThe charming After the Ball is a retail fairy tale set in the world of fashion. Kate’s dream is to design for couturier houses. Although she is a bright new talent, Kate can’t get a job. No one trusts the daughter of Lee Kassell, a retail guru who markets clothes “inspired” by the very designers Kate wants to work for. Who wants a spy among the sequins and stilettos? Reluctantly, Kate joins the family business where she must navigate around her duplicitous stepmother and two wicked stepsisters, but with help from a prince of a guy in the shoe department, a god-brotherly gay pal in the design office, her godmother’s vintage clothes, and a shocking switch of identities, Kate exposes the evil trio, saves her father’s company, and proves that everyone can wear a fabulous dress.

Bark Rangerin Bark Ranger two kids and a trusty dog, Ranger, stumble across a treasure map whilst playing in an abandoned ranger station. They set off on the adventure of a lifetime in search of a forgotten gold mine, but things take a turn for the worst when they come across a pair of clumsy crooks hiding out from the police.

Mountain manMountain Men is a family comedy that follows two estranged brothers, Toph and Cooper, as they journey to a remote family cabin in the mountains. Buried resentments and bruised egos come to light when they destroy their car and burn down the cabin, leaving them stranded in the Rocky Mountain winter. With their survival at stake, they are tested to their limits and must learn to work together to get back to civilization.


Song_OneThe superb Song One was written and directed by Kate Barker-Froyland and follows Franny Ellis (Anne Hathaway), an anthropology student who returns to New York City after her estranged brother, Henry (Ben Rosenfield), a musician, entered a coma after being hit by a car. To revive Henry and repair their relationship, Franny uses writings from Henry’s journal to travel among New York City music clubs, where she takes notes on the phrases and music she observes. She fills Henry’s sterile hospital room with familiar sounds and scents. Eventually, Franny meets Henry’s favorite musician, James Forrester (Johnny Flynn), at his concert, and convinces him to play for Henry. Franny and James explore New York City through Henry’s experiences, develop a romantic relationship.


SouthpawSouthpaw is a hardcore sports drama directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by Kurt Sutter. Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a boxer who lives in New York City with his wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) and their daughter Leila (Oona Laurence). During a match in which he defends his World Light Heavyweight title, Billy sustains an eye injury and is convinced by Maureen to retire while he’s at the top. At a charity event for the orphanage where he and his wife both grew up, Billy is taunted by an up-and-coming boxer, Miguel “Magic” Escobar, leading to tragedy. The bonus features include interviews with director Antoine Fuqua, Rachel Mc Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Kurt Sutter.



GuestThe thrilling The Guest was directed and edited by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett. It features a brilliant performance by Dan Stevens as David, the ideal house guest. Both friendly and charming, the young soldier arrives on the doorstep of the Peterson family, appearing to be a friend of their deceased son who died in action. They welcome David into their home and lives, but when a series of mysterious deaths start in their town, their teenage daughter Anna wonders if David is responsible. As Anna’s suspicions intensify, an investigation escalates into a full-blown manhunt – will Anna be able to keep her family safe, or is it all too late?




Everly is a gritty action thriller film directed by Joe Lynch and written by Yale Hannon based on a story by Lynch and Hannon. The film stars Salma Hayek as the title character as a tough heroine; naked and beaten, she has to pull together her last shred of dignity as her attackers, a half dozen Yakuza thugs, laugh and party just outside her door.  The movie centres on a night in Everly’s apartment. She faces down hitmen sent by her ex- a mob boss, while holed up in her home.




PressureIn the terrifying Pressure a group of deep sea divers are trapped in a small pod on the sea bed, after diving down to the bottom of the Indian Ocean in a diving bell to repair a gas pipeline. It’s a grim but lucrative job and they are under immense pressure from the ocean’s weight and, naturally, their own various emotional states. As they face their deepest fears, hold your breath, control your fear and experience where terror runs deep!  Engel (Huston) is haggard and haunted by his past; Mitchell (Matthew Goode) is a thoughtful, Bible-reading guy; Hurst (Alan McKenna) is burnt out from the job and Jones (Joe Cole) is a cocky youngster whose girlfriend has just had a baby. Disaster strikes and this quartet face terrifying choices in a confined space.