What’s New On DVD

If you are looking for some chills, there are 4 new releases that will have you on the edge of your seat

STRANGERS3An ordinary, gripe-filled family excursion soon becomes their worst nightmare come to life when three eerily disguised assailants emerge from the darkness to indiscriminately terrorize unsuspecting, innocent individuals going about their business in The Strangers: Prey at Night.Similar to the original film, the central characters in The Strangers: Prey at Night are more than a plot device for blood and gore.  “The original film, The Strangers, differentiated itself from the typical home invasion movie by building a relationship between the characters which made it more effective when the frightening intruders arrive to terrorize them,” says producer James Harris.  “With this film, we, again, wanted the audience to care about the characters upfront because if they are not invested in the characters, then they don’t care if these characters die, and that’s an important element to heightening the suspense and experiencing the fear.” Read more / Watch trailer

insideIn the shocking Inside, young mother-to-be Sarah is trying to rebuild her broken life: recently widowed in a shattering car crash that left her partially deaf, with her baby’s birth uncomfortably long overdue and alone, unpacking in unfamiliar surroundings having just moved home. She can only just stay afloat. As night descends on her deserted suburban street, there’s an unexpected arrival at the doorstep: Sarah receives a most unwelcome visitor. Alone and carrying her baby, Sarah faces a calculating, cold-hearted and predatory woman–an adversary who will stop at nothing to snatch her unborn child. Trapped and disorientated, barely able to hear the evil that stalks her, Sarah must unleash all her reserves of strength to protect her baby and survive the night. Never underestimate a mother’s protective fury! Terriffic performances by Rachel Nichols as Sarah, and Laura Harring as her brutal nemesis, with great direction by Miguel Angel Vivas delivers great suspense and drama.  Watch the trailer

INSIDIOUS 3The chilling  supernatural thriller Insidious: The Last Key welcomes back franchise standout Lin Shaye as Dr. Elise Rainier, the brilliant parapsychologist faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet: in her own family home. Rainier—a brilliant psychic, clairvoyant and demonologist—has spent her life guiding innocents back into the light…and thwarting creatures that have opened unholy doors into eternal darkness. As a child who could communicate with the dead, she accidentally unleashed something unspeakable into our world. Insidious: The Last Key takes us with Elise back to her girlhood home. But when the ghastliest haunted house Elise has ever entered proves to be the one where she was raised, Elise must face her greatest fears and destroy the immortal Key Face—the demon she set free so many years before. Vanquish him on his terrain, and she will free trapped souls for good. Fail, and the house she barely escaped as a child will claim her soul for eternity. The superb bonus features include an alternate ending, 8 chilling deleted scenes, a doccie on “Going Further Into Becoming Elise”, and we get to explore the new demon and unlock the key!   Read more about the film / Trailer

Extortion is tense action/adventure film about a family on vacation whose father finds himself in a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son from a dangerous fisherman.

Extortion-DI-1Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey) is a successful doctor with a wife Julie (Bethany Joy Lenz) and a six-year-old son (Mauricio Alemañy), taking a much-needed trip together to the Caribbean. Kevin is looking to give them the best time of their lives, dropping cash about to get the best rooms and service he can. When he tries to rent a jetski from the hotel, he’s told they’re out, and is directed to a nearby dock where locals offer motorboats for daily fees. He pays under the table and takes his family out to sea, but when the boat breaks down at an isolated abandoned island, they suffer days with no sign of help until a fisherman (Barkhad Abdi) arrives and offers to take them back, but for a substantial fee, putting Kevin in a race to save his family against a man holding all the cards.Extortion is a well-made and often gripping story that is about struggle and redemption, and filled with moments that seem impossible for our hero to overcome, its themes worn on its sleeve but with surprisingly effective results. After a slow start, once this heats up, it’s a chaotic ride well worth taking. The bonus features include a behind the scenes doccie.