The Write Journey For Screenwriters

Grounded in the principles of Classical design created 4000 years ago, The Write Journey is instinctive and universal

Under the mentorship of Daniel Dercksen, who formed The Writing Studio 25 years ago, the comprehensive course guides writers through the process of crafting a screenplay for film or television from inspiration to writing the first pages and is ideal for writers who want to adapt a novel for a visual medium.

The course explores:

  • What it takes to be a screenwriter.
  • Writing for a Visual Medium – understanding the Language and Visual dynamics of Film.
  • The significance of Genre and Theme in building the world of your story.
  • Creating the Primary Characters who live in your story.
  • Laying a solid structural foundation that braces the Plot and Subplots.
  • Conceiving plot and character outlines that explore the outer and inner life of your story.
  • Looking at the process of taking your story from idea to first draft.
  • Taking ownership of your story
  • The secret to success – making your mark as a screenwriter

Following in the tradition of 25 years of extensive workshops throughout South Africa, and courses internationally, The Write Journey is an interactive course for screenwriters is ideal for novelists, and playwrights. Anyone who has a story to tell!

The Write Journey turns the voice in your head into an actual narrative. It’s uniquely two courses blended into one, turning ideas into a successful story while learning about yourself in the process.

There are 12 Units in the course, and each unit has Self-Tasks that you must research and complete in your own time. Tasks that you must submit to your mentor to make sure that you are on the right track – during this process, your mentor is there to help you understand the material and solve problems. The course is done online, via email correspondence, offering a one-on-one interaction with your mentor.