A One-On-One Retreat For Writers In The Heart Of The Karoo

Escape to the tranquility of Prince Albert in the heart of the Karoowhere you can get in touch with your writing-self

Instead of a formulated workshop with other writers and a rigid time-scheduled, The Writing Studio offers writers a unique opportunity to visit Prince Albert at their own leisure, and then schedule one-on-one sessions with trainer Daniel Dercksen, the driving force behind the successful independent training initiative The Writing Studio.

Dercksen, a published film and theatre journalist of 35 years,  has been teaching workshops in creative writing, playwriting and screenwriting throughout South Africa the past 20 years.

During the last 20 years The Writing Studio has shaped the successful careers of many of South Africa’s leading filmmakers and storytellers, and is now honing the skills of future writers in the art and craft of storytelling.Since he launched The Writing Studio 19 years ago Daniel Dercksen has been actively involved in the teaching of storytellers and the development of screenplays, novels and plays, working passionately with emerging writers and storymakers on their respective stories. He relocated to Prince Albert in the Karoo in May 2016.

Proud graduates of The Writing Studio, whose careers as screenwriters, directors and producers were launched by The Write Journey: writer-producer-director Uga Carlisi (Alison,  winning the Best Documentary at the Asia Pacific International Film Festival), producer-director-screenwriter Henk Pretorius (Leading Lady, Modder en Bloed), writer- director Sallas de Jager (Free State, Roepman, Verraaiers), writer-director John Barker  (Wonder Boy For President), screenwriter Tertius Kapp (winning SAFTA award for the screenplay of Dis Ek, Anna/ wrote the play Rooigrond), and director: Bonginhlanhla Ncube and screenwriter Carl Roddam (Safe Bet). All of the above graduates are currently working on their new projects that will be launched in the next year. Read interviews: http://writingstudio.co.za/south-african-filmmaking/

This one-on-one retreat:

  • It is ideal for authors of fiction and nonfiction, filmmakers, and playwrights who would like to adapt their stories into a visual medium, and master the art of visual narrative
  • It is perfect for first-time writers who would like to define their writing skills, and also recommended for seasoned writers who are trapped in the web of re-writes and unfinished projects, or lost in the maze of the daunting writing process.

The One-on-One sessions offer an interactive, intimate and introspective journey into the world and characters of your story, empowering you to take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression.


It is about turning ideas into a successful story while learning about yourself in the process.

During the session / s you will also take an insightful and inspirational journey into what it takes to be a writer, and explore what it takes to craft a story from inspiration to final draft, examining all the building blocks that build a story that is ready for producing and publishing.

It is about you and your story, the whole story, and nothing but that..

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