Review: Cathy And The Trolley Dollies offer five-star world-class entertainment

This not-to-be-missed sensation offers everything you can ask of world-class entertainment and much, much more.

Review by Daniel Dercksen (10/04/17) 

If there’s one gateway to blissful showbiz, it’s the super sumptuous and glamorous Gate 69, a cosy and intimate pleasure palace where Brendan van Rhyn‘s divine creation Cathy and the Trolley Dollies offers five-star entertainment.
When you arrive at Gate 69 and are greeted by the regal Cathy Specific, you know you are in for a night you will never forget.
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With the art of drag being celebrated with the Priscilla musical, real-life drag divas Cathy Specific and her trolley dollies, the delicious Christopher Dudgeon and Rudi Jansen, are wowing audiences with this not-to-be-missed sensation that offers everything you can ask of world-class entertainment and much, much more.

Written by van Rhyn, Cathy and the Trolley Dollies is rip-roaring stand-up comedy meets musical revue, meets cabaret, a saucy satirical take on the airline industry as seen through the eyes of three 8ft aviation goddesses.

Big-haired beauties

This one-of-a-kind drag troupe, three Amazonian, big-haired beauties find themselves back at work after a three-month suspension. Demoted and down in the dumps, they capture our hopes, dreams, tears, fears, traumas and tantrums about flying.

They take us on a behind-the-scenes look at the glamorous or (not-so-glamorous) life of a flight attendant. Secrets are shared and stories are told as we indulge in a first-class dining experience during the show.
Entertainment today is largely dished up as yesterday’s left overs, but with Cathy and The Trolley Dollies we get a feast that is as fresh as daisies and colourful as a rainbow.

Polished and preened delight

When Van Rhyn as Cathy Specific pours his heart out singing Dr. Longjohn, it rips through your soul like a tidal wave. Van Rhyn is blessed with a unique talent of mesmerising his audience with the iconic Cathy, a classy act that knows no equal, his biting humour is infectious, and vocally he is at the top of his game.
Teamed up with Dudgeon and Jansen, it’s a match made in cabaret heaven, a polished and preened delight that amuses, astounds and leaves one breathless.
The trio’s alluring passion is genuine, without any pretense, and holds nothing back.
Equally memorable is Dudgeon’s dead-pan Grin It and Bare It and Jansen’s riotous Sewe Sakke Sout, as well as unforgettable renditions of Mein Herr, You Can Drive A Person Crazy and Proud Mary.
At the end of the show, you have made three new friends as these gals are women we all desperately need in real life, showing us that naughty can be nice, and that nice can be as spicy as hell.
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Deliciously devilish goddesses

What makes the show work effectively well is that it deals with relevant issues anyone can relate to, and gives us a unique opportunity to enter the wacky mindscape of those in the service industry who always welcome us with a smile and embrace us with motherly affection, killing us with their imperious affection.
Now we know! Behind the façade of friendliness lurk deliciously devilish goddesses of camp that masterfully turn frowns upside down and rattle our cages, daring to venture where angels fear to tread.
Escape into the world of Cathy and her Trolley Dollies at Gate 69 with friends, family or loved ones, a pleasure palace that also serves up delightful dishes with impeccable service, feeding our body and soul with meaningful and heartfelt entertainment.
There’s only one major problem with the show, you don’t want it to end and remain seated on their flight of eternal bliss.

Let’s hope that larger than life Cathy and her Dollies will keep on doing what they do best.Cathy and the Trolley Dollies runs every Wednesday and Thursday evening until the end of June. Tickets at R550 per person which includes designer mezze served on a double-tiered Lazy Susan, a separate hot soup and bread service and dessert. Go to for more info.

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