The Art Of Screenwriting And Filmmaking

 Write JourneyTwelve steps to writing a great screenplay: The Write Journey is an interactive course for writers who would like to write for feature film or television.

Learn how to tell stories and make films from the world’s master filmmakers and screenwriters

If you want to learn how to be screenwriter and filmmaker, why not learn from the best.

The Writing Studio’s exclusive in depth articles on filmmaking and screenwriting show how inspiration instills passion, how ideas are born,  nurtured and realised, how the conventions of genre are challenged, themes explored to its fullest, and characters brought to life.

These personal notes from producers reveal to what extent filmmakers and screenwriters will go to realise their dreams and make the most of each story they tell.

Latest and upcoming films

A Visual Guide To The Language Of Film: How To Read A Film

The Art Of Adaptation 

Adapting novels, stage plays, videogames and comic books for film

The Art Of Comic Book Adaptations

The Art Of Adapting Real Life Stories

The Art Of Adapting TV Series

The Art Of Original Filmmaking

The Art Of Making Horror Films

The Art Of Animation

The Art Of Comedy In Film

The Art Of Romance In Film

The Art Of Gay And Lesbian Themed Films

The Art Of Sequels and Prequels

The Art Of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films

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