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Paul Cezanne 'Blue Landscape 1903'

Paul Cezanne ‘Blue Landscape 1903’

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We write what inspires us, just as a painter paints from inspiration.

Creativity of all kinds focuses your mind, engages your imagination, and feeds your soul.  Being creative can also facilitate understanding and encourage healing.  Creativity is mindfulness in motion–intuitive, artistic motion.  Creative moments and activities give you a boost and help you feel energized and good about yourself.

Sue Patton Thoele


We invite writers to express their thoughts

Exercise for Writers:  Have a look at Monet’s An Arm of the Seine near Giverny below and write a story of 1 500 words. Contact Us and we will place your Monet story.

An Arm of the Seine near Giverny by Claude Monet

“In 1896 and 1897, Monet rose at 3:30 in the morning in his village of Giverny to work on a project of capturing early morning light as it appeared through the fog. By dawn, he was in the small boat he kept on a branch of the Seine for use as a floating studio. An observer recorded that the painter worked simultaneously on fourteen canvases, all depicting this exact spot, shifting from one to another as the strengthening sun burned through the mist. Monet spent the decade of the 1890s pursuing his innovative concept of series paintings, showing the same motif in varying conditions of light, time, and atmosphere. Of the twenty known versions of this subject, this one is among the most delicate, the features of the distant landscape obscured by the diffused light through the mist.”