Classics on DVD

THE WERNER HERTZOG COLLECTION Explore five masterpieces of Werner Hertzog, which blur the line between fiction and documentary, illustrating why he is the most daring, visionary and dangerous filmmaker of our lifetime: The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser, Even Dwarfs Started Small, Fata Morgana, Heart Of Glass, and Stroszek. The bonus features include audio commentaries for each film, Hertzog’s biography, and a photo gallery.

FELLINI’S ROMA A 1972 semi-autobiographical, poetic film.
As a young man, Federico Fellini (Peter Gonzales) leaves his small Italian town to go to the big city of Rome, live in a boarding house and cavort with the natives in the 1930s and ’40s. In an alternating storyline, the older Fellini (Federico Fellini) goes back to make a movie about Rome, filming things like traffic jams at the Colosseum and the subway system, which hides underground crypts. By inter-cutting this footage, Fellini the director draws comparisons to the old Rome and the new.

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Young Salvatore Di Vita (Salvatore Cascio) discovers the perfect escape from life in his war-torn Sicilian village: the Cinema Paradiso movie house, where projectionist Alfredo (Philippe Noiret) instills in the boy a deep love of films. When Salvatore grows up, falls in love with a beautiful local girl (Agnese Nano) and takes over as the Paradiso’s projectionist, Alfredo must convince Salvatore to leave his small town and pursue his passion for filmmaking. Written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. The bonus features include the documentary ‘A Bear And A Mouse In Paradise’, The Lissing Sequence, a photo gallery and the full Ennio Morricone Score.

CLEOPATRA (45th Anniversary Edition) A sprawling, spectacular love story, helmed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, depicting Cleopatra’s manipulation of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony in her ill-fated attempt to save the Egyptian empire. This threesome in one of the most famous and gloriously powerful love triangles ever to be captured on film. Starring Elizabth Taylor and Richard Burton. This 2-disc edition features audio commentary by Chris Mankiewicz, Tom Mankiewitz, Martin Landau and Jack Brodsky.