Creative Writing: The Write Voice

Find Your Voice As A Writer

Are you guilty of spending more time talking about your writing, than actually sitting down and putting words to paper?

Do you find it difficult to start writing, not sure what medium to write for, or what to write?

The Write Voice inspires you to get in touch with your creative self, find your purpose in writing and explore the endless possibilities you have to tell your story.

The Write Voice is ideal for first-time writers who would like to define their writing skills, and also recommended for seasoned writers who are trapped in the web of re-writes and unfinished projects, or lost in the maze of the daunting writing process.

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This motivational and inspirational introspective odyssey will empower you with the write skills.

It is ideal for anyone who needs a jump start and take that step forward in writing creatively and explores the writing process and deconstructs writing fiction, non-fiction and journalism.

During the course you will have the opportunity to write a short story and get positive feedback through practical and motivational exercises.

The Write Voice explores

  • Who are you as a writer
  • Seven easy steps to make the most of your talent and develop your craft
  • Taking control and turning thoughts into words that will then be turned into action
  • Writing for different mediums

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