Creed now available on Blu-Ray

Creed explores a new chapter in the “Rocky” story

Creed reunites award-winning filmmaker Ryan Coogler with his “Fruitvale Station” star Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed, and explores a new chapter in the “Rocky” story, starring Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone in his iconic role.


Ryan Coogler directed from a screenplay he wrote with Aaron Covington, based on a story by Coogler.

It takes strength and determination to be a world-class fighter.  But for Adonis Johnson, even with boxing in his blood, it will take something more: Rocky Balboa.  To step out from the shadow of Apollo Creed, the father he never knew, Adonis must get Rocky back in the ring.

Although the former champ has been out of the fight game for some time, Adonis reminds him of the tough, young upstart he himself once was.  After some prodding, Rocky agrees to train him, his way.

The challenge of re-envisioning the ultimate underdog story that began with “Rocky” was one that writer/director Ryan Coogler considered even before he was out of film school.

“I grew up watching ‘Rocky’ movies with my dad; it was our thing,” he states.  “Rocky is a character that people just connect with—action fans, drama fans, hopeless romantics, even just movie fans—everyone likes ‘Rocky’ movies because they have something for everyone.”

The Bonus features include ‘Know the Past, Own the Future”, with the cast and crew talking about the challenges of building on the Rocky series; in ‘Becoming Adonis’ you can see how Michael B. Jordan prepared for the hardcore training sequences and fights; and there’s some interesting deleted scenes.

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