Experience In the Heart of the Sea now on Blu-Ray

An extraordinary adventure with a lot of heart, a lot of soul.

Moby-Dick is fiction; however In the Heart of the Sea brings to life the powerful saga that would fuel Melville’s defining and enduring novel.


It is one of the greatest seafaring tales of all time: the Nantucket whaling ship Essex was attacked by a leviathan—a white whale of singular size and intent—leaving only a few of its crew to overcome near-impossible odds and live to recount their experience.

But in the almost 200 years since that harrowing voyage, the truth faded into history, eclipsed by the celebrated novel it inspired, Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.

Now, with acclaimed director Ron Howard at the helm, the legend of the Essex, her courageous crew, and that mythic white whale comes to Blu-Ray for the first time in the epic adventure In the Heart of the Sea.

Moby-Dick is fiction; however “In the Heart of the Sea” brings to life the powerful saga that would fuel Melville’s defining and enduring novel.

Oscar winner Ron Howard (“A Beautiful Mind”) directs the action adventure based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s best-selling book about the dramatic true journey of the Essex.

In the winter of 1820, the New England whaling ship Essex was assaulted by something no one could believe: a whale of mammoth size and will, and an almost human sense of vengeance.  The real-life maritime disaster would inspire Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.  But that told only half the story.  “In the Heart of the Sea” reveals the encounter’s harrowing aftermath, as the ship’s surviving crew is pushed to their limits and forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive.  Braving storms, starvation, panic and despair, the men will call into question their deepest beliefs, from the value of their lives to the morality of their trade.

It stars Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers, The Huntsman: Winter’s War) as the vessel’s veteran first mate, Owen Chase; Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) as its inexperienced Captain, George Pollard; Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight Rises) as second mate Matthew Joy; and Ben Whishaw (Spectre, The Danish Girl) as novelist Herman Melville, whose inquiries into the event three decades later helped bring the story to light.  Tom Holland (The Impossible) also stars as young seaman Tom Nickerson, and Brendan Gleeson (Edge of Tomorrow, Suffragette) as the elder Nickerson, 30 years older.

Bonus Features

  • Director Ron Howard’s Captain’s Log, following the director’s film making voyage via exclusive production photos and his personal Twitter feed
  • Chris Hemsworth and Benjamin Walker dive into their character’s combative rivalry.
  • You can uncover the true stories of courage and obsession that inspired the classic novel Moby Dick.
  • There are also deleted and extended scenes.