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Local Is Indeed Very ‘Lekker’


Amalia Uys and Stiaan Smith in Sy Klink Soos Lente

Sy Klink Soos Lente is a refreshing revival of the Afrikaans Romantic Comedy genre, with Corné van Rooyen’s sensitive directing style and Stiaan Smith’s fresh script create a wonderful background for Amalia Uys and Smith’s gripping performances and pulling out all the emotional stops.  It’s a delightful tale of a mechanic (Smith) who falls in love with a beautiful and brainy redhead (Uys) who is the daughter of his boss at a car dealership in Johannesburg. The chemistry between Smith and Uys is pure magic and when the sparks begin to fly, the mechanic spins a white lie and tells her he’s the lead singer in a band. Linda immediately likes the charming muso, they fall for each other, and Ben has to start a band to conceal his lie and win over the girl of his dreams. “  It’s not just a fun comedy of errors and mistaken identities, but features memorable music by Bouwer Bosch. The bonus features features Bosch fun music video ‘Sy Klink Soos Lente’, a lively behind the scenes feature, as well as two hilarious mockumentaries on the characters in the film.  Well worth it!   Read an interview with Stiaan Smith


Dann Jaques Mouton in Noem My Skollie

If you are looking for a gritty and hardcore prison drama, Noem My Skollie features Dann Jaques Mouton (last seen in Abraham) delivering a touching performance as a man who grows up on the impoverished ganglands of Cape Flats in the 1960s. It tells the tragic story of four teenagers, AB (Austin Rose) and his three best friends Gimba (Ethan Patton), Gif (Joshua Vraagom) and Shorty (Valentino de Klerk), and their vicious journey into adulthood. It’s the autobiographical story of screenwriter John W. Fredericks who takes us into the hardship of prison life, but also the story of a man who find life in a hellish existence.   Sensitive viewers are warned that the film carries an age restriction of 18 due to the graphic violence, rape scenes and foul language. The bonus features include audio commentary on some of the deleted scenes. Read more about the film