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December 2015 releases

While-Were-Young_-Baumbach-Noah_2015-FlickMinuteWHILE WE’RE YOUNG Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts play Josh and Cornelia Srebnick, a married middle-aged couple of creatives in New York. Unable to have their own family, they decided that they are fine with this – that is until they meet Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried), a free-spirited young couple, who are spontaneous and untethered, ready to drop everything in pursuit of their next passion – whatever it may be for that day! For Josh, who is painstakingly working on the umpteenth edit of his latest documentary, it’s clear that something is still missing and it’s as if a door has opened back to his youth – or a youth he wishes he once had.

 StretchSTRETCH A hard-luck limo driver struggles to go straight and pay off a debt to his bookie. He takes on a job with a crazed passenger, whose sought-after ledger implicates some seriously dangerous criminals. Starring Patrick Wilson and Ed Helms.



woman-in-gold-mirren-ryan-xlargeWOMAN IN GOLD Woman in Gold is based on the true story of Maria Altman, an Austrian Jew, who sought to regain a world famous painting of her aunt plundered by the Nazis during World War II. She did so not just to regain what was rightfully hers, but also to obtain some measure of justice for the death, destruction, and massive art theft perpetrated by the Nazis. This powerful movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren. WIN DVD

CHRISTMASTHE CHRISTMAS SWITCH When Christmas ‘magic’ switches the bodies of a career-oriented single father and his 11 year-old son, they are forced to see the world through each other’s eyes, the pair find themselves growing closer as they scramble to figure out the secret of the magic that caused their predicament in time for Christmas!





PUPSPUPS UNITED The heart-warming Pups United stars Rob Schneider. When the movie kicks off, the Children’s World Cup of Soccer is in full swing, with teams from all over the world bringing a dog as their mascot. Ryan is a benchwarmer for the US children’s team whose duties revolve around team mascot Rex, the loveable Blue Heeler Border Collie who can secretly talk – but only with other dogs. Despite making new friends, Rex soon finds that this World Cup Event won’t be the vacation he hoped for when he uncovers a secret evil plot that threatens the tournament and now he must unite all the dogs to save the players and a stadium full of fans!