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Make sure to add The End Of The Tour to your collection

The-End-of-the-Tour-ReviewTHE END OF THE TOUR ***** If there’s one film you cannot miss that’s now available on DVD, it’s the incredible The End Of The Tour, based on David Lipsky’s memoir about the five-day interview he had with acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace for Rolling Stone Magazine.  Jason Segel’s portrayal of Wallace as a skeptical, ambitious, modest, hyper-self-conscious, depressive, and fundamentally generous figure of genius is unbelievable and is as revelatory of the unexpected depths of this hitherto bro-centric actor as it is of Wallace’s self-effacing fascination.  Equally brilliant is is Jesse Eisenberg as Lipsky, delivering a sympathetic rendering of a highly idiosyncratic individual. The film is an emotional tour-de-force and takes you into the heart and soul of what it takes to be a writer and journalist. Directed with imaginative flair and insight by James Ponsoldt, with a crackling screenplay by Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright Donald Margulies, it’s one of those films that grabs hold of you and never let’s go.  In his review for the New York Daily News, Joe Neumaier awarded the film five out of five stars, calling it “one of the best movies of the year . . Director James Ponsoldt’s smart, incisive and extraordinary drama is the kind of film that burrows into your head and leaves you illuminated about life and how to live it.” In his review for Rolling Stone, Peter Travers called the film “riveting” and “mesmerizing”, writing “As the details accumulate, so does the power of the film, an illuminating meditation on art and life. . .That’s what makes the movie, elevated by two extraordinary actors, an exhilarating gift.”  Make sure to watch the scene at the end of the credits and do not skip the deleted scenes on the bonus features. Website

Thrills, chills and romance

Careful what you wish forCAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR Nick Jonas, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, loses his innocence in this erotic thriller from Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum. He plays a kind-and-loving high school kid who moves with his parents to North Carolina’s Lake Lure for the summer. He buses tables alongside his best buddy Carson (Graham Rogers) while trying to shrug off his shallow talk of getting laid. Everything changes when a rich couple moves in next door to Doug’s family. Doug soon gets involved with the lives of Elliot Harper (Dermot Mulroney) is a self-made jerk with an endless list of hobbies and a dominating personality and his super sexy young wife Lena  (Isabel Lucas from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Pacific, Immortals and The Loft).  When Lena fills her lonely hours by seducing Doug and leading him up the garden path, all seems fine until murder shows its foul face and idyllic bliss turns into a nightmare.  The resolution of the film is well worth waiting for so don’t spoil the story by knowing too much about what happens.  Just relax into its gentle eroticism and enjoy its viscous twist.  It has an age restriction of 13 for the sexual explorations.

CurseTHE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE It’s good to see American Psycho’s Bret Easton Ellis back in action as screenwriter, teaming up with director Derick Martini for this strange blend of romance and teen angst thriller that soon escalates into bloodshed and excessive violence.  Its alluring concept deals with an apparent curse that claims the life of a senior every year at a high school in Downers Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and results in a visceral experience blended with bizarre and creepy images to heighten the horror aspect. The hero is a skeptical teenager Tracy (Bella Heathcote from Dark Shadows and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) who believes that it’s all just coincidence, until she sets off a hellish wrath from a football stud (Kevin Zegers), that turns bliss into horror for her and her mechanic boyfriend (Lucas Till) and all her friends.  It’s offers fun and entertaining viewing and carries an age restriction of 16 for violence and language. Sensitive viewers will definitely be disturbed by the animalistic revenge during its conclusion.

Win a Sonskyn Beperk DVD

Sonskyn beperkSONSKYN BEPERK  In this charming romance, Anya du Plessis (Annelle Bester) leaves her boyfriend in New York to reconnect with her estranged father (Andre Roothman) back in South Africa to deal with her mother’s passing. In Philadelphia her father is obsessed with his beer brewing hobby , he believes is the answer to their financial crisis. When a charming  cocky Ruan (Neels van Jaarsveld) enters the fray in search of a winning beer recipe, it seems Anya’s the only thing between him and craft beer glory. The last thing she expects is to fall for Ruan until her boyfriend shows up unexpectedly. Ruan is the suave stranger on a mission to identify a new winning beer recipe with which to enter the annual craft beer competition- the only thing standing in his way on the path to craft beer glory, is the feisty daughter of the farmer.  The film carries a 7-9 Age Restriction.


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