The Art Of Romance

The Art Of Screenwriting and Filmmaking

A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK is much more optimistic than most of the films that Woody Allen has made during a career that spans more than six decades. “This is a love story, and I was excited by the idea of setting against a romantic portrait of New York in the rain, says Allen.

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino’s emotionally driven Call Me By Your Name is a film intended to sweep over an audience like sunshine. It vividly evokes the feeling of an Italian summer, filled with bike rides, midnight swims, music and art, luscious meals under the sun, and the heady awakening of a 17-year old’s first passion. “I like to think that Call Me By Your Name closes a trilogy of films on desire, together with I am Love and A Bigger Splash,” says Guadagnino. “Where in the former ones desire was driving to possession, regret, contempt, need for a liberation, in Call Me By Your Name we wanted to explore an idyll of youth.

PAIN AND GLORY Quite unintentionally, Pain and Glory is the third part of a spontaneously created trilogy that has taken Spanish filmmaker and auteur Pedro Almodóvar thirty two years to complete. Pain and Glory reveals, among other themes, two love stories that have left their mark on the protagonist, two stories determined by time and fate and which are resolved in the fiction.

ZULU WEDDING Unashamedly romantic, glamorous and hilarious, it pays loving tribute to the richness of African culture. It acknowledges the, sometimes schizophrenic, reality of many urban South Africans who live sophisticated modern lives which are nonetheless shaped by their family cultures, traditions and expectations.