The Write Novel

Following in the tradition of 22 years of extensive workshops throughout South Africa, and courses internationally, The Write Novel is an interactive course for writers who would like to write a novel.

During the last 22 years, The Writing Studio had shaped the successful careers of many of South Africa’s leading filmmakers and storytellers, honing the skills of future writers in the art and craft of storytelling with its The Write Voice and The Write Journey courses.

Welcome to our new course, The Write Novel

Following 40-years as a Film and Theatre Journalist, 22 years of screenwriting and creative writing workshops throughout South Africa and internationally, The Write Novel course is born out of the experience by screenwriter, playwright and writing coach Daniel E-Dercksen, who founded the Independent Training Initiative The Writing Studio in 1998.

Written, produced, designed and directed by Daniel Dercksen, the play The Beauty of Incomplete Things enjoyed its world premiere in Cape Town on January 24, 2014 and a successful 3-week-run at the Joburg Theatre in July 2014. Dercksen has now adapted his play into a novel, The Beauty of Incomplete Things, and is currently working on a novel The Beauty of Complete Things, which closes the Beauty Trilogy. He has also completed screenplays for feature film: African Violet, Worldmind, Immutate and The Beauty Of Incomplete Things, currently in development for production.

The Write Novel is an interactive, intimate and introspective journey into the world of the story, empowering you to take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression.

The Write Novel is about turning ideas into a success story while learning about yourself in the process.

It’s uniquely two courses blended into one: Firstly, taking an insightful and inspirational journey into what it takes to be a writer, and secondly, an up-to-date exploration of what it takes to craft a story from inspiration to final draft, examining all the building blocks required to write a story that is ready for publishing.

The Write Novel fosters an organic process of writing your story and shows how you as a writer write from the inside out, and not from the outside in.

We all serve the story, the writer, the characters, the structure …

It is about you and your story, the whole story, and nothing but that.

The Write Novel is also about discipline.

There’s lots of information to digest, question and set into action and you will have to discipline your time and yourself and make personal sacrifices to take on the journey with ease and comfort.

Writing your story will fill your life with new ideas, and new ways of expressing yourself and selfishly demand a lot of me-time, where you creatively bring your story and characters to life and need to spend time becoming their best buddy.

It is equally important for you to take complete ownership of the process of writing your novel, and the process that follows when you have completed your first draft.

The Write Novel focuses on aspects that relate to the marketability of your story, ticking off all the boxes that producers and investors look for.

The Write Novel is not just about learning how to write but learning to write and market yourself in a way that is attractive to publishers.

Our Other Proud Graduates include award-winning playwright Neil Coppen (Abnormal Loads), novelists Lauren Beukes (Zoo City, The Shining Girl) Gary Hirson (The Magic That is Ours and Calm in Storm)and Consuelo Roland (who received acclaim for her Lady Limbo Novel, and was Shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Award and received an Honorary mention for the Olive Schreiner Prize for her novel The Good Cemetery Guide), and Tenda Madima, whose collection of short stories, Ri khou dzedza, won the African Heritage Literature Award in 1997, and A Victim of Circumstances won the South African Translator’s Institute Literary Award in 2000; and Edmund Mhlongo, producer and renowned Artistic Director who is the founder of Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre, Kwa Mashu and won the Durban Theatre Award in 2005 for Community Theatre)

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