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10 Things you need to know about writing a screenplay

What Happens If Your Story Dies

Regulate The Heartbeat Of Your Story

The Significance Of Script Readings

If you’ve poured your heart and soul into a script for film, television, or theatre it is important to arrange a read-through before releasing it to the demanding process of getting it filmed or staged.

Adapting Your Screenplay Into A Novel

If you have completed a screenplay for film or television, and you cannot get it produced, take ownership of your Intellectual Property and consider adapting your screenplay into a novel, transforming it into something marketable.

Escape to the heart of the Karoo for your own personal retreat to write your story Read more

As a writer, you write, and when you’ve cultivated a habit of writing, you’re not doing something you have to force yourself to do, but rather something you are passionate about and enjoy. Get into The Write Habit

The writer is not only the puppet master of emotions in storytelling, but also the traffic warden in a story, controlling the line of dramatic action, drawing audiences and readers into a deep involvement, keeping their full attention from opening to ending,  and rewarding them with a meaningful and memorable experience. Read more

The ABC of Getting Your Story from Page to Screen

A screenplay is a part of the package, the first element in the movie business. Read more

Valuable Tips and Advice for writers

Daniel Dercksen shares a few thoughts with filmmaker Gavin Hood about screenwriting and filmmaking