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Editing & Polishing of Scripts / Manuscripts

If you have completed the draft of a screenplay or short film, stageplay, or manuscript for a novel, it is vital to find out whether or not it works. It could mean the end of your story and your career as a writer if you hand poorly written and undeveloped projects over to producers, directors, publishers, or potential investors. If you want your script or manuscript polished professionally, The Writing Studio will turn your copy into an exciting and thrilling narrative, into words and images that jump off the page and characters that resonate. 

As a video editor at eMedia Holdings, Dirk Lombard Fourie was responsible for editing video and audio content for news, features, documentaries, and current programs for over 10 years. In addition to video editing, Dirk also offers other services such as scriptwriting, transcription, FTP delivery, and voice artistry. He has an honours diploma in film and television production techniques, a TEFL certification, and an international qualification in transcribing. He is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills in the media industry. He enjoys creating engaging and compelling stories that inform, educate, and entertain his audience of all ages. Visit The Edit Booth / Dirk Fourie also facilitates The Writing Studio’s Weekend Workshop for writers that takes place in Johannesburg on 24 & 25 February 2024.

The Write Agency

As one of the most active independent training initiatives in South Africa, The Writing Studio has been presenting workshops and courses in screenwriting and filmmaking throughout South Africa for the past 23 years with the aim of developing the craft of writers and filmmakers. Read more

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If you want to be a writer and share your story with the world, our introspective and hands-on courses take you through the process of crafting your story from inspiration to writing the first draft. Read more

One-on-One Mentorship

In an age where everyone makes regular trips to their local gym to stay healthy, it is important for writers to keep writing effectively and remain in a perfect state of creative health; where ideas flow freely and projects are completed.

  • Do you need to get a firm grip on discipline in your writing routine?
  • Does your personal life and commitments interfere with your writing?
  • Are you lost and confused in the writing process?
  • Has your writing become dull and boring?
  • Is your time limited and it’s impossible to attend workshops?

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Explore the world of filmmaking in South Africa with in-depth features on films, as well as exclusive interviews with screenwriters and filmmakers. Read more

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If you are looking for some inspiring reading, our Film Page offers great articles on the latest filmmakers and screenwriters and takes you behind the scenes of the latest films. If you want to know how films are crafted from page to screen, this is a valuable vault of information. Ideal for writers studying screenwriting or aspiring filmmakers and film buffs. Read more

Tips For Writers, Filmmakers and Storytellers

If you are looking for tips on how to improve your writing skills, click here

Essential Books For Writers

Take a look at some great resources that will support your craft. Read more

Are you looking for a new workout to destress and calm your mind? Look no further than Karoo Pilates Studio. Yvette Breedt offers Pilates mat and reformer classes (in studio and also online). Give Yvette a call and she will show you around. Highly recommended. Read more