Retreat for Writers in the Heart Of The Karoo

If you need to break away to write your story, this interactive retreat or one-on-one session will take you on a personal journey into how to discipline the process of crafting your story, developing your idea, characters and plotting to create a story the world needs to experience.

The course was an inspiration and an eye-opener. It inspired me to write in a much more disciplined fashion. To tell the stories that are in my heart. To try my hand at scriptwriting, which, now that I have a road map and a plan with wonderful pointers, does not seem as daunting as it was before I attended the course. Daniel also edits manuscripts, and his feedback goes way beyond grammar; it includes pointers, questions to consider, and expert advice. I strongly recommend this course to all writers.” Anthea Pretorius (Sept 2022)

“If you want to learn to write, struggle to write, or just want to sharpen your talent, I highly recommend this workshop. It’s a soul-enriching experience. ” Belinda Martins, Cape Town
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“Die passie waarmee Daniel sy ervaring deel is aansteeklik en die struktuur en voorbeelde wat hy vir mens gee waarvolgens mens jou storie of draaiboek kan skryf is maklik verstaanbaar en prakties uitvoerbaar. Ek kan die ervaring hoog aanbeveel.” Louis Botha

Escape to the tranquil serenity of the Karoo, where you can share some me time with your characters and find yourself in the process. 

Daniel Dercksen will take you on an insightful and inspirational journey into what it takes to be a writer and how to make the most of who you are as a writer.

The session takes place at Daniel’s private studio in Prince Albert.

If you living in the Cape Town area, transport can be arranged from your house to Prince Albert and back at a reasonable cost.

The Writing Studio will accommodate your needs and will be available for whatever dates suit you.

It is an interactive, intimate, and introspective journey into the world of the story, empowering you to take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression.

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“Daniel’s workshop has given me exactly what I needed – the tools and the process to finally start writing books. The content of his workshop is rich, practical and interesting.” Tamsin Collins, Prince Albert
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“I learnt to see the structure of a story and how characters, theme and plot all interact to shape a memorable tale or movie.  I am inspired to put pen to paper. Some of us are fortunate enough to be shown the way and start the journey.” Petro Lotz, Prince Albert

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Daniel Dercksen has been working actively as a journalist, screenwriter, playwright, novelist, and story editor for the past 25 years, nurturing the careers and success stories of many storymakers and storytellers.

As the driving force behind the successful independent training initiative The Writing Studio and a published film and theatre journalist of 40 years, Daniel Dercksen has been teaching workshops and online courses in creative writing, playwriting, and screenwriting throughout South Africa for the past 22 years.

He will share his secrets to finding your story and making the most of your creativity.