How to Get Motivated To Write Your Story

Discouraged and uninspired, you need to reactivate the spark that ignited your idea or complete an unfinished story that has lost its luster.

Aspirant writers and beginners, and also professionals may become disheartened, resulting in many great stories becoming buried without mercy.

Before you get ready to erect a tombstone for your beloved story, take a deep breath and resurrect it with the same conviction you had when inspiration first struck like a bolt of lightning.

It’s time to stop staring at the white page and pay homage to your story.

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about writing “out of passion.” If you wait to feel passionate about what you’re writing, you’ll never finish writing your novel or screenplay. Don’t rely on passion or inspiration. It ebbs and flows and is unpredictable. You’re not going to feel passionate every day. Writing is difficult. Motivation doesn’t always mean loving what you’re doing. Sometimes it means sitting down and crafting your story.

Find a spot where you do your best writing. Make sure it’s away from distractions. Turn off the TV. Some people find music helps their state of mind when they write. Try it, but if it’s more distraction than inspiration, keep it off.

Changing where you work can also release you from a creative rut, give you a new perspective, and kickstart your writing motivation. Get out of the house, away from your desk, and sit in a coffee shop or a library every once in a while.  Changing your environment may be all you need to jumpstart your motivation.