Own Your Story: Writing your story from the inside out

Whether you are writing a novel, a screenplay for film or television, or a stageplay, ultimately, you are writing a story.

Stop obsessing over writing a film, bestseller or play and focus your attention on writing the ultimate story.

Don’t place your story into a box and smother it with conventions, rules and pre-conceived perceptions.

Your story is a living, breathing organism.

Let your story breathe

Writing your story is an organic process that feeds off inspiration and is fueled by passion.

It’s only the format of the medium that separates a screenplay from a novel, or a stageplay, but as stories, each unique medium is united in theme, character and plotting, as well as the process from divine inspiration, to the crafting of the story, and eventual final, polished draft.

That perfect story within you is desperate to be unleashed.

Daniel Dercksen with Almeri Rautenbach during one of her morning walks in December 2015 – the picture was taken at Abraham’s house, where Jans Rautenbach’s film Abraham was filmed

Caption for Banner Pic: For 45-years of her life, Almeri Rautenbach took a regular 15 km walk every day of her life into the Karoo landscape that surrounds her farm Oulap, where she lived in blissful isolation with her loving husband Jans. On her daily journey she collected a stone and then placed it on a shrine of stones in a garden on the mountaintop where she built the house with her husband 50 years ago. Each stone tells a different story and if you are fortunate to share her journey, and take a walk with her like I did, you will discover that she knows the story each stone harbours. It’s a serene, spiritual, soulful and silent journey that awakens the creative spirit and stirs a fervent passion. Almeri’s inspirational journey takes about two hours each day. If you as a writer spend 2 hours every day writing your story from within, and take full ownership of your story, your daily pages will soon become a monument that pays testament to your creative talent and showcase a perfect story the world has been waiting for and deserves to hear.

Crafting a perfect, original story

It is not an imitation of someone else’s story, but a story that reflects your own unique voice as a writer, a story you write from the inside out with truth and conviction, and not one that you write on the surface to merely impress.

It’s about setting that story within free.

Once you have turned inspiration into a passion and developed your premise, concept, theme, characters and plot, your story outline is the reward that will clearly dictate what medium will serve your story best:

  • if it’s a story that happens in dialogue, you are writing a play, the home of words.
  • if it’s a story filled with pictures, you are writing a film, the home of images.
  • if the story mostly happens inside the mind of your characters, you are writing a novel, the home of thoughts.

It’s all about the story you are writing and you, the writer, your thematic purpose, vivid characters and dramatic line of action serving the story to its extreme.

You not only serve your story but have the unique ability and magical power as a creator to fully control whatever happens in your story, as well as manipulate the emotions of those who will take a journey into your story through the words you write.

You are the puppet master and your creativity feeds your story and gives life to your characters and dramatic motivated action.

You are the story you write and must own it completely as an artist and artisan, as a storyteller and storymaker.

Release that story today.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Make it happen now!