The Art Of Creating Conflict In A Story

Think of the latest film you saw, book that you read, or play that you watched, and you’ll find that what kept you involved in what happened, and offered a load of suspense, was conflict: there was:

  • A problem that needed to be solved and ultimately resolved
  • Obstacles that had to be overcome
  • Threats to be handled
  • Decisions that needed to be made
  • Challenges had to be confronted and overcome

The ultimate test of all conflicts thrown at the character is whether they require courage. If the character is scared to death to achieve his ultimate desire, then the conflict isn’t big enough, and the audience will be watching the film rather than feeling it.

The conflict your Protagonist faces must be unique, powerful, and emotionally compelling.When you create conflict in your story, it’s like throwing a pebble into a pond, a ripple effect that sets causality (cause and effect) into motion.