The Write Drama course for playwrights

A unique course for budding dramatists

If you are a storyteller who enjoys the world of live theatre and have a talent for writing dialogue and bringing character’s vividly to life, the world is your stage to showcase your talent.

Our The Write Drama course for playwrights offers you an opportunity to turn words into action.

The Write Drama course is presented by Daniel Dercksen, the driving force behind the successful independent training initiative The Writing Studio, has been a published film and theatre journalist for 30 years and has been teaching workshops in creative writing, playwriting and screenwriting throughout South Africa the past 19 years. Written, produced, designed and directed by Daniel Dercksen, the play The Beauty of Incomplete Things enjoyed its world premiere in Cape Town on January 24, 2014 and a successful 3-week-run at the Joburg Theatre in July 2014.

Writing a play is the closest you will ever get to your audience and also gives you the unique opportunity of working with actors as the writer or director, and exploring your story its ultimate extreme.

Budding dramatists will look at how to plot the action, explore the theme of the drama, develop characters, how to write dialogue, examine the relationship between the dramatist and actors, as well as working with directors and producers bring your story to life on stage.

The course turns theory into practise and ideas inside out

It explores the full dramatic or comedic potential of stories and empowers storytellers to write a compelling play that will reflect the uniqueness of their culture, history and Experience.

This unique course for aspirant dramatists is ideal for screenwriters and novelists with a vivid imagination who would like to explore the magic of live theatre and the transformational impact it has on society and community.

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