The Write Journey Agenda

The Write Journey is an interactive, intimate, and introspective journey into the world of the story, empowering writers to take ownership of the creative journey and creative expression.

Following in the tradition of 24 years of extensive workshops throughout South Africa, and courses internationally, The Write Journey is an interactive course for writers who would like to write a screenplay for a feature film or television and is ideal for novelists and playwrights.

Following 40 years as a Film and Theatre Journalist, and 23 years of screenwriting and creative writing workshops throughout South Africa and internationally, The Write Journey evolved into the Signature course of The Writing Studio, an Independent Training Initiative founded by Daniel Dercksen in 1998.

12 Steps In The Write Direction


Who are you as a storyteller


What does it take to be a writer


What do you want to write

  • Explore the fundamentals of a well-crafted story
  • Examine how inspiration inspires creativity
  • Explore your strengths and weaknesses as a writer
  • What medium will showcase your story best
  • The Process of writing your story from inspiration to writing your first pages
  • The Art Of Visual Narrative
  • Criteria for a good idea
  • What makes an idea original
  • The art of adaptation
  • Explore the world of ideas
  • How to research your Idea


Probe The Genre & Setting of your Story


Explore Thematic Purpose


Define Your Premise, Concept & Title

  • The most popular genres in Screenwriting & Fiction
  • The common features of genre
  • The Importance Of Genre
  • Building the World Of Your Story
  • The writing process is a search for meaning
  • The art of thematic purpose
  • The functions of theme
  • How to express your theme
  • Define the Premise & Central Dilemma of your story
  • Conceptualise your idea
  • Elements of a good concept
  • Different titles used in writing


Create & Explore Characters


Structure & Plot Your Story


Craft A Story & Scene Outline

  • Define & Explore Your Protagonist
  • Antagonists & Villains
  • Supporting & Function Characters
  • Building your characters
  • How to write dialogue
  • The importance of structure
  • Turning Points & Transitional Values
  • Plot & Subplots
  • 13 Structural Points /Structural Signposts
  • Beats, Sequences & Story Events
  • Working from an outline will make you a better writer
  • Writing a Story Outline
  • Writing a Scene Outline
  • Plot what happens in a scene
  • Define the role of your characters in your story


The ABC Of Format


Write Your First Draft


Take Ownership Of Your Story

  • How to format your screenplay
  • How to format your novel
  • The Writer’s Toolbox
  • The steps of writing your first Draft
  • The Write Narrative
  • The Write Motivation
  • The Art of Rewriting
  • Writing your First Page
  • The ABC of Copyright
  • How to write a professional Top Sheet

You’ll then write the first 10 pages of your Screenplay for Film / TV or Novel / Stageplay and submit it with a Top Sheet to your coach for evaluation before you continue writing your first draft. 

  • Your coach will be available for questions during the process of writing your draft and keep you updated with relevant features on the world of writing and filmmaking.

Cost Of Course  (Nov 2023)

ZAR 5000.00 / USD 263.86 / GBP 215.37 /

EUR 215.37 / AUD 415.99 / NZD 450.85 / CAD 360.99

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