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A MILLION COLOURS – (2011) A Million Colours, also called Colors of Heaven, is a 2011 film directed by Peter Bishai and co-written with Andre Pieterse. It is based on the lives of Muntu Ndebele and Norman Knox, actors in the film Forever Young, Forever Free, also known as e’Lollipop. It follows them from the success of the film around the time of the Soweto Uprising, through to the election of Nelson Mandela. Apartheid tests the friendship between actors Norman Knox (Jason Hartman) and Muntu Ndebele (Wandile Molebatsi).

ABRAHAM – (2015) Abraham is undoubtedly one of the best South African films ever made, a profound and consummate masterwork from industry legend, Jans Rautenbach that marks his first film in 30 years. Dann-Jaques Mouton delivers a riveting performance as Abraham, an artist and dreamer from Kannaland in the early 1980’s;  an area in the Little Karoo that stretches from the Swartberg in the north to the Langeberg in the south, and from the Anysberg in the west to the Gamkaberg in the east. Abraham is a dedicated husband and father who struggles to provide for his young wife Katie (a superb performance by Chantell Phillipus) and their four year old daughter. But through his creative determination and undying passion he finds patronage in Jong Jans (Hannes Muller) and his wife, Almeri (Franci Swanepoel). Abraham is one of the best South African films ever made

ANDER MENS -(2018) A side-splitting action comedy, with a series of unfortunate events happening to a very unfortunate and mediocre man. Daniel Niemand is the kind of dumpy little sad-sack that even flies don’t buzz around. And that’s on a good day. But all that’s about to change after his wife leaves him for their marriage counselor and he unknowingly becomes integral in a high-level police ploy to capture a local crime syndicate. Welcome to the worst week in Daniel Niemand’s life. Quentin Krog talks about the explosive new SA Film Ander Mens

BALLADE VAN ROBBIE DE WEE – (2013) From crime writer Deon Meyer comes a chilling, suspenseful movie about a desperate music manager and his newest client:a young, naive, promising singer – who may also be a murderer. Music producer Len (Neil Sandilands) has it all, but his perfect life begins to crumble when he is caught embezzling his music artists’ money. He gets a second chance when young, up and coming artist Robbie de Wee (Marno van der Merwe) enters his life. But all is not as it seems. Director: Darrell Roodt.

BALLADE VIR ‘N ENKELING– (2015) Based upon the book written by South African author Leon van Nierop, and the 1980s TV series it spawned, this drama focuses on the mysterious disappearance of celebrated writer Jacques Rynhard (Armand Aucamp), and the investigative hunt for him launched by journalist Carina Human (DonnaLee Roberts). Christia Visser, Rolanda Marais and Jacques Bessenger co-star. Written by Leon van Nierop, and directed by Quentin Krog.

BANG BANG CLUB – The Bang-Bang Club is a 2010 Canadian-South African biographical drama film written and directed by Steven Silver and stars Ryan Phillippe as Greg Marinovich, Malin Åkerman as Robin Comley, Taylor Kitsch as Kevin Carter, Frank Rautenbach as Ken Oosterbroek and Neels Van Jaarsveld as João Silva. They portray the lives of four photojournalists active within the townships of South Africa during the apartheid period, particularly between 1990 and 1994, from when Nelson Mandela was released from prison to the 1994 elections. It is a film adaptation of the book The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War co-written by Greg Marinovich and João Silva who were part of the group of four photographers known as Bang-Bang Club, the other two members being Kevin Carter and Ken Oosterbroek.

BEAT THE DRUM (2003) A young South African orphan named Musa (Junior Singo) leaves his AIDS-ravaged village in KwaZulu-Natal, taking along only a drum given to him by his father, for the gritty streets of Johannesburg in search of work and his uncle. The trip proves to be enlightening for young Musa, who is faced with the culture shock of urban society. Meanwhile, a wealthy lawyer from a privileged family learns he has AIDS, and a truck driver’s dangerous sexual proclivities endanger his wife. Beat the Drum, written and produced by W. David McBrayer and directed by David Hickson, is a South African film starring Clive Scott and Owen Sejake. McBrayer has said that he wrote Beat The Drum to “help give a voice to the voiceless. I simply wanted to be an honest witness to the plight of these kids. When there is a tear in the human fabric we should all feel it.”

BLACK BUTTERFLIES – (2011) Black Butterflies is an English-language Dutch drama film about the life of South-African poet Ingrid Jonker. Poetry, politics, madness, and desire collide in the true story of the woman hailed as South Africa’s Sylvia Plath. In 1960s Cape Town, as Apartheid steals the expressive rights of blacks and whites alike, young Ingrid Jonker finds her freedom scrawling verse while frittering through a series of stormy affairs. Amid escalating quarrels with her lovers and her rigid father, a parliament censorship minister, the poet witnesses an unconscionable event that will alter the course of both her artistic and personal lives.

BLOEDBROERS – SEASON 1 – (2015) Set during an incredibly tumultuous period of the Afrikaners’ development between 1914 and 1948, the story follows the lives of four young men–Willem, P.G., Gerhard, and Bennie–poor white miners who become involved in the 1914 Rebellion by chance. When the Rebellion is unsuccessful, the four young men find themselves at a crossroads: do they continue as before, or do they fight for freedom and a better future? We follow their lives and see how each one falls in love and starts his own family, survives through the chaos of the 1922 mine workers’ rebellion, the Depression of the 1930s, the uncertain times during World War II, and the buildup to the infamous 1948 election. But to share blood and swear to be blood brothers is one thing. To honour that oath through all the twists and turns of life is something completely different, especially when your life choice stands in stark contrast to that of your blood brother. Written by Deon Opperman. Director: Jozua Malherbe

BOERE OP DIE AARDSDREMPEL In remote Patagonia, a 100-year-old community of Afrikaans Boers struggles to keep their language and culture alive, while longing to be reunited with their distant families in South Africa. Genre:Documentary (2016) Richard Finn Gregory

BOND OF BLOOD: THE PARABLE OF THE PRODIGAL SON -(2015) Bond of Blood is a modern version of the biblical story of the prodigal son. It tells the tale of a father, David, who owns a wine farm in Stellenbosch, and his two sons. The younger son, Luke, an aspiring stock trader, wants to get out of farming and move to the city. To do so, he needs money and asks his father for half of his inheritance. The older son, Chris, is passionate about the farm and the wine that they produce. The younger son leaves for Johannesburg where he subsequently squanders all his money on gambling, alcohol, drugs and general bad decisions. He ends up homeless, living on the streets. He finally comes to his senses and decides to return home. His father and mother welcomes him back with open arms and forgives his transgressions. The older brother, who had remained on the farm, resents the mercy shown. Director:Christopher-Lee Dos Santos / Writer:Jacob Teunissen. Starring Rowan Cloete, J.P. du Plessis, Sarah Kozlowski

CITY OF VIOLENCE – (2013) Also known as Zulu. Policemen Ali Sokhela and Brian Epkeen investigate the brutal murder of a young white woman, apparently provoked by the availability of a new illegal drug and somehow connected to the disappearance of black street children. Crime film directed by Jérôme Salle and starring Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker. It was selected as the closing film at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The film is partly based on Project Coast, the program for biological and chemical weapons of the South African apartheid regime, and the book Zulu by author Caryl Férey, winner of the French Grand Prix for Best Crime Novel of 2008.

DIE LAASTE TANGO – (2013) De Wet, a 34-year old, workaholic detective is burnt out, having immersed himself in an investigation involving the ruthless murder of 9 girls. De Wet captures the psycho-killer Basson and, in a fit of rage, brutally beats the suspect, thus compromising the killer’s conviction by putting him in hospital. De Wet’s boss sends him away to the isolated town of Loxton in the middle of the Karoo to cool off while the controversy of his indiscretion blows over. In this small community, De Wet meets Ella, a passionate and beautiful woman who is dying of cancer. His only goal is to fight boredom until he’s allowed to resume his detective duties, Ella’s dying wish is to dance one last tango before her life is over. De Wet reluctantly agrees to help her fulfill her dream, and in doing so, realizes his own need for healing and inner peace. Written and directed by Dean Meyer.

DIE ONGELOOFLIKE VERHAAL VAN HANNA HOEKOM – (2010) Based on the favourite Afrikaans children’s novel, Hanna is 14 going on 15 and is part of a rather unconventional family. They go on holiday to the Cederberg for a family reunion, which leads to plenty of surprises and reconciliation. Hanna is an intelligent and imaginative young girl who’s earned herself the nickname “Hoekom,” because she’s forever questioning things. When her eccentric mother decides that the family – including her gay biological dad, actor stepfather, detestable half-brother and two stepbrothers – should spend their winter holiday in a remote house on a mountain, they end up stranded with nowhere to go and no-one to turn to except each other. Director: Regardt van den Bergh / Writer: Gustav Kuhn, Marita van der Vyver / Stars: Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Gys de Villiers.

DIE PRO – (2015) (“The Pro”) tells the story of a young surfer, Tiaan Nothnagel, that has to come to terms with the accidental death of his best friend, Dirkie Lawrence, just before their last year at school. After Dirkie’s death, Tiaan swears off surfing for good, as he can’t stand to be reminded of everything that he and Dirkie shared. But then, Dirkie’s twin sister (who went to live with their dad after their parents split up the previous year) arrives in town on a mission of her own: to be selected to go on Wave-Seekers, a fictional World Surf Tour and something that Tiaan and Dirkie dreamt of doing themselves. But for her to succeed, she needs Tiaan’s help, and by implication, she needs him to get back on his surfboard…He eventually gets back on and gets first place for wave seekers. Director: Andre Velts / Writer: Tiaan van Niekerk / Stars: Edwin van der Walt, Reine Swart, Vilje Maritz

DIS EK, ANNA – a 2015 South African Afrikaans-language drama produced by Palama Productions based on novels by Anchien Troskie: Dis ek, Anna (It’s me, Anna) and Die Staat teen Anna Bruwer (The State vs Anna Bruwer). Set in modern-day South Africa, it tells the story of Anna Bruwer, who avenges years of abuse suffered at the hands of her stepfather and the court case that ensues. Written by Tertius Kapp. Produced by Niel van Deventer. Directed by Sara Blecher and starring among others Charlene Brouwer, Marius Weyers, Nicola Hanekom, Morne Visser, Drikus Volschenk, Elize Cawood and Eduan van Jaarsveld. Read more

DIS KOUE KOS SKAT – (2016) After Clara Brand discovers that her husband Bernard is cheating on her with her friend and colleague Anais, things take a turn for the worse. With a collapsing marriage and a ruined friendship, Clara moves herself and her children from Johannesburg and Cape Town in an attempt to start fresh. Here she rediscovers her passion for food, begins new friendships, and re-enters the dating world (often with catastrophic results) for the first time in 20 years, all while plotting revenge on the people who wronged her. Director: Etienne Fourie / Writer: Marita van der Vyver, Etienne Fourie (based on Van Der Vyfer’s novel) / Stars: Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Deon Lotz, Elsabe Zietsman

DISTRICT 9 – A 2009 science fiction action thriller film directed by Neill Blomkamp in his feature film debut, written by Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell, and produced by Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham. It is a co-production of New Zealand, the United States, and South Africa. The film stars Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, and David James, and was adapted from Blomkamp’s 2006 short film Alive in Joburg. In 1982, a massive star ship bearing a bedraggled alien population, nicknamed “The Prawns,” appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty-eight years later, the initial welcome by the human population has faded. The refugee camp where the aliens were located has deteriorated into a militarized ghetto called District 9, where they are confined and exploited in squalor. In 2010, the munitions corporation, Multi-National United, is contracted to forcibly evict the population with operative Wikus van der Merwe in charge. In this operation, Wikus is exposed to a strange alien chemical and must rely on the help of his only two new ‘Prawn’ friends.

EERSTE WATER – (2017) This documentary considers the complex interplay between the individual psyche, the social fabric, and the arid land which sustains life in the Karoo. Local Prince Albert residents tell of their divergent lives: of devotion to caregiving betond the bounds of family; of the philosopher farmer’s relationship with the land; of losing parts of oneself; and of relationships whilst at the mercy of a system that is failing/ Directed by Helene Smit, Adriaan de la rey and Lodewyk Barkhuizen. Filmed in Prince Albert.

EGOLI: Afrikaners is Plesierig – (2010) From renowned series creator and writer Franz Marx comes a thrilling story about deep and dark secrets from Niek (David Rees) and Joe’s (Darren Kelfkens) past, which threaten both their present and future. The film followes several months after the TV series ended. Director: Bromley Cawood / Writer: Christo Compion / Stars: David Rees, Darren Kelfkens, Leandie du Randt

ELLEN: THE ELLEN PAKKIES STORY – (2018) Based on true events, the film tells a story of the damaged relationship between a woman and her son, who is addicted to drug abuse. It also narrates the itenary of events that led to the murder of her son, as well as the legal process that followed afterwards. Directed by: Daryne Joshua / Starring: Jill Levenberg, Jarrid Geduld, Elton Landrew. Amy Jeptha talks about writing the screenplay for Ellen, The Ellen Pakkies Story

FANIE FOURIE’S LABOLA – a 2013 South African romantic comedy based on the novel by Nape ‘a Motana. The story of the complications that ensue when an Afrikaans man and Zulu girl fall in love, especially when the traditional custom of “lobola”, or dowry, makes things even more difficult for them. Director: Henk Pretorius / Writer: Henk Pretorius, Janine Eser /Stars: Eduan van Jaarsveldt, Zethu Dlomo-Mphahlele. Read more

FIELA SE KIND – (2019) A story of the walls that separate us and the love that unites, Fiela se Kind tells the tale of a coloured woman in 1890s Southern Africa who finds a white toddler on her Karoo doorstep and raises him as her own. Nine years later,he is discovered and sent to what is believed to be his ‘original’ family. Dalene Matthee’s novel,which spans over 20 years, follows the journey of Benjamin , a boy with two names, and Fiela and Barta, the two women he calls ‘mother’ is masterfully adapted and directed by Brett Michael Innes, a bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker who wowed audiences with Sink. Fiela Se Kind – A South African classic / Writer-Director Brett Michael Innes talks about his masterful adaptation of Fiela Se Kind

FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES – a 2017 South African Neo-Western thriller film written by Sean Drummond and directed by Michael Matthews. iT deals with the struggles and triumphs (over nature, crime and human nature) that affect communities on this new frontier, and the rich characters found in them. It contains many of the archetypes of the classic western – larger than life heroes and villains, an examination of the ideas of ‘good’ vs ‘evil’, conflicting human tendencies towards brotherhood and brutality and the themes of land and ownership, claim and legacy, and the urge to protect our roots – from even ourselves. Five Fingers for Marseilles – A Contemporary South African Western

FREE STATE – (2016) A random act of kindness sparks a forbidden love affair between a white girl and an Indian man during the Apartheid system in South Africa. Director: Salmon de Jager / Writer: Salmon de Jager / Stars: Nicola Breytenbach, Andrew Govender. Writing Studio graduate Sallas de Jager conquers the world with Free State

FRENCH TOAST – (2015) Lisa lives with her father, Izak on a wine farm in Franschoek. Her mother died some time ago, and left a french toast recipe that only a few people know. One day she finds her mothers diary and to her astonishment finds out that she has a brother or sister in France somewhere. She decides to go and find her sibling. Her boyfriend, Theo, is on the verge of asking her to marry him, but understands that she has to go. In France she meets a chef, Jean-Pierre, who works in the Alexandre cafe shop. He is looking for a photographer for his cook book. Because she cant speak French, she decides to help him but then he must help her find her sister or brother. They have fun looking for her sibling but then something happens that makes Jean-Pierre disappear and he asks her not to look for him. Why does he do this? Does she find her sibling? Is Jean-Pierre her sibling? Does Liza go home and marry Theo? Director: Paul Krüger, Anél Stolp / Writer: Tina Kruger / Stars: Lika Berning, Thierry Ballarin, Deon Lotz.

GETROUD MET RUGBY – (2011) The tale of two broken people, rugby players whose paths cross in order to find themselves. Reghart Venter is a mechanic from the wrong side of the tracks. He was a promising rugby player, but lost his way. After several charges of fighting and assault he gets a final ultimatum – pull himself together or go to jail. Reghart’s sentence is community service – practicing rugby with a fallen hero of the Stryders Rugby team, Fafa Beltrame. “Fast Fafaâ? was once the fastest wing in the country, and a hit with the ladies. Fafa lost his way after he and his wife, Kiki, separated after losing their daughter. Fafa seeks refuge in a bottle, and, in the process, alienates everyone who cares for him. When Reghart is unwillingly dragged by his friends to Pottie’s Place (the local bar), he meets Lize. For the first time in his life, there’s something against which he can’t fight: His heart. Director: Cobus Rossouw / Writer: Deon Opperman, Cobus Rossouw /Stars: Altus Theart, Izak Davel, San-Marie Nel

HANSIE – (2008) “How do you start over once you have betrayed a nation’s trust?” The news of Hansie Cronjé’s involvement with Indian bookmakers and his resulting public confession rocked the international sporting community. An unprecedented rise to glory was followed by the most horrific fall. A tarnished hero fueled the nation’s fury. Hansie, once South African cricket’s golden boy, had been stripped of everything he had held dear: a glorious captaincy, the support of his former team mates and the respect of a nation. In its place the stinging rejection of cricket administrators and the humiliating dissection of his life on international television, made his retreat into depression inevitable. Hansie’s bravest moment in finally confessing his involvement with bookies had suddenly become a tightening noose around his neck. Hansie explores the very human drama of a man who, after losing everything he has worked for, begins the painstaking journey back to choosing “life”. Director: Regardt van den Bergh / Writer: Dylan Ben-Israel, Frans Cronjé / Stars: Frank Rautenbach, Sarah Thompson

HOND SE DINGES – (2009) A mad-cap Afrikaans comedy set in a small town on the platteland. The plot revolves around a dog, and a diamond, and the assorted people who would like very much to get their hands on that diamond. Director: Johan Heyns / Writer: Johan Heyns, Johann Potgieter, Frank Opperman / Stars: Ivan Botha, Tinarie van Wyk Loots, Marcel van Heerden.

INVICTUS is a 2009 biographical sports drama film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. The story is based on the 2008 John Carlin book Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation about the events in South Africa before and during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The Springboks were not expected to perform well, the team having only recently returned to high-level international competition following the dismantling of apartheid—the country was hosting the World Cup, thus earning an automatic entry. Freeman and Damon play the South African President Nelson Mandela and François Pienaar, respectively. François was the captain of the South Africa rugby union team, the Springboks.

IZULU LAMI – A 2009 South African film. The movie was shot in the Zulu language; only a few sentences of English are spoken. When their mother dies, the ten-year-old girl Thembi and her younger brother go to the city of Durban, but are lost in the city alone in a confused state. Director: Madoda Ncayiyana / Writer: Julie Frederikse, Madoda Ncayiyana / Stars: Sobahle Mkhabase, Sibonelo Malinga,

JAGVELD – (2016) The action is relentless in this pulsating South African movie. A woman who witnessed the murder of a policeman must now escape the six men hunting her. Gentle, beautiful, pacifist Emma should have been easy prey. But life is full of surprisesThe cast include Neels van Jaarsveld, Bouwer Bosch, Leandie du Randt and Tim Theron. The script was written by best-selling author, Deon Meyer. Directed by Byron_Davis.

THE JAKES ARE MISSING – Janice and Donald Jakes have fallen out of love and into Police Protection. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time sends Simon Jakes, and his parents to a journey where they will rediscover what it means to love each other. Director:  Figjam / Writer: Bianca Isaac / Cast: Jody Abrahams, Nicole Bailey, Grace Bapela / Read more

JAKHALSDANS – Mara moves to the Karoo to work as a school teacher. When she discovers that her school is in financial trouble, she organises a music concert in the hope that the country’s biggest Afrikaans music stars will heed her call. A 2010 South Africa-English language movie, directed by Darrell Roodt (as Darrell James Roodt) and written by Deon Meyer. With Theuns Jordaan, Elizma Theron.

JOHNNY IS NIE DOOD NIE – With Johnny Is Nie Dood Nie,  writer-director Christiaan Olwagen delivers a refreshing film that is as radical as the Voëlvry music movement that rebelled against the autocratic dictates of the apartheid government and changed the hearts of a generation of South Africans who wanted to break free from oppressive separatism. In the film a group of friends gather to celebrate the life and music of Johannes Kerkorrel, the lead singer of the Gereformeerde Blues Band, shortly after his suicide. Bonus Features: Behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crewJohnny Is Nie Dood Nie puts the ‘lekker’ back in local films /

JONATHAN -(2016) Jonathan, a dreamer and wannabe stand-up comedian in his late 20’s, still lives with parents. After another failed open mic performance he gets drunk and crashes his father’s car on the way home. This is the last straw for his loving but fed up parents and his father kicks him out of the house. Having nowhere to go he becomes a car-guard. After a very hostile reception by the other car-guards, the eldest car-guard decides to take Johnathan under his wing and teaches him the finer art of being a car-guard and more importantly, he teaches Jonathan about life and how to survive as an outcast. Jonathan also falls in love with a girl way out of his league. Will he be able to apply the lessons learned to make peace with his family, earn the forgiveness of his mentor and win the heart of the most beautiful girl he ever met? With Rikus de Beer,  Writer-director Sallas De Jager, a proud graduate of The Writing Studio, talks about his new film Jonathan

KALUSHI – (2017) South African filmmaker, Mandla Walter Dube, makes his feature directorial debut with the human drama Kalushi – The Solomon Mhlanga Story. Sacrificing his short life, through a brutal death in the hands of South Africa’s apartheid police has made Mahlangu a celebrated struggle hero in the revolutionary fight or freedom. “Our movie follows the journey of this young man who, at the outset, is not at all involved in the politics of South Africa and was not involved in the student uprising on June 16, 1976.  He was trying to make a living as a hawker on the streets of Mamelodi and on the trains in Pretoria. When he had the hero’s call, he refused it, and then, something tragic happens to him which changes the entire course of his life.  When we are hit with adversity we have to start making certain decisions to help us change.  You either going to change or change is going to change you.” Kalushi – The Solomon Mhlanga Story

KANARIE – (2018) If there’s one South African film you have to add to your collection, it’s the sublime  Kanarie, marking the heavenly collaboration with director Christiaan Olwagen. It’s a life-changing film and alters jaded perceptions, a heart-breaking journey into the life of a conscripted soldier in South Africa in the 80s, who finds self-love and affirmation of his true identity through the love of another young man. Kanarie is a one of those rare films you cannot resist falling head-over-heels in love with. The insightful bonus features includes Afrikaans doccies on the film’s origin, auditions and the characters, and English doccies on the story, music and film’s history. There is also the music video ‘Nader My God By U’. The film can viewed in Afrikaans, or with English subtitles. Kanarie – A heart-warming South African coming-of-age musical drama / Charl-Johan Lingenfelder talks about the astounding new South African film Kanarie

KANSASAMYS: THE WEDDING -(2019) Like viewers get drawn into the inimitable characteristics of a Harlem or Bronx in New York, so too will Kandasamys transport them into the vibrant and colourful suburb, allowing them a first-hand authentic experience of the local nuances of Indian South African culture, especially since at the heart of the story is a big, fat Indian South African wedding! Light-hearted, and entertaining, the story is supported by an array of colourful characters that celebrate the rich way of life in Chatsworth, and serves as a reminder of the important value of the mother, Producer-director and writer Jayan Moodley talks about Kandasamys: The Wedding

KEEPING UP WITH THE KANDASAMYS – (2017)The film opens a window into the lifestyle and subculture of modern-day Indian South Africans; their aspirations, dreams, challenges and the things that make them laugh and love. Directed by Jayan Moodley (White Gold). Keeping up with the Kandasamys – A New South African Comedy

KROTOA -”Identity, a sense of belonging and reconciliation are strong, universal themes in this powerful tale,” says producer-director Roberta Durant of Krotoa,  the poignant story of a feisty, bright, young eleven-year old girl, who is removed from her close-knit Khoi tribe to serve Jan van Riebeeck  at her uncle’s trading partner. Krotoa – A Powerful South African Film

KYK NET VIR TANNIE – (2016) A mockumentary featuring the life and time of Evita Bezuidenhout. Written by and starring Pieter-Dirk Uys, direct6ed by Gerrit Schoonhoven.

LEADING LADY – (2014) Jodi, an idealistic British drama teacher, travels to a South African town to prepare for a major film role. In rehearsals Jodi’s interactions with quirky locals may teach her that there is more to life than lights… camera… and action! Director: Henk Pretorius / Writer: Henk Pretorius, Tina Kruger / Stars: Katie McGrath, Bok van Blerk, Gil Bellows.

LIEFLING – (2010) Liefling Marais is an adventure-loving young girl with a passion for life. She lives on a farm in Hartbeespoort with her father Simon, mother Linda, grandfather Karel, brother Kobus, and housekeeper Katy. Simon is a professor at the university and in his class are three friends: Jan, Pieter and Gert, who also live on the outskirts of the city in Hartbeespoort. In the December holidays ,Jan, a civil engineering student raised by his grandmother, has his eye on Liefling, but spoilt little rich girl Melanie has other plans up her sleeve. Fate intervenes and brings lovers, friends, and enemies together in a sumptuous musical celebration that will have audiences laughing, crying, and singing along. Director: Brian Webber / Writers: Erik Holm, Linda Korsten, Paul Krüger / Starring: Lika Berning, Bobby van Jaarsveld

LIFE, ABOVE ALL -A 12-year-old girl (Khomotso Manyaka) fights prejudice when her family is ostracized by a South African community. A 2010 South African drama film directed by Oliver Schmitz. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. The film was selected as the South African entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards and made the final shortlist announced in January 2011. The film was adapted from the 2004 novel Chanda’s Secrets by Allan Stratton. Writer: Dennis Foon, Oliver Schmitz, Allan Stratton / Stars: Khomotso Manyaka, Keaobaka Makanyane,

LOOKING FOR LOVE – (2018) A single, unaccomplished Zulu woman must find Mr. Right in the pitiless concrete jungle that is Jo’burg before she turns 40. Following a disastrous drunken display at her younger sister’s wedding, BUYI DUBE (38) has her parents worried that she’s wasting her life working meaningless jobs. They insist that she takes her head out of the clouds and focus on finding herself a good man and settling down. Director: Adze Ugah / Stars: Celeste Ntuli, Trevor Gumbi, Phindile Gwala. Read more

‘N MAN SOOS MY PA – In ‘n Man Soos My Pa we follow the lives of 3 fathers from the 70’s to the year 2015. It tells the affecting story of fathers whose flawed humanity destroys their families, and whose love for their relations ultimately sets them on a powerful path of transformation and redemption. It’s about guiltless children and compassionate women who are subjected to their atrocious and immoral behaviour and have to build their own lives on broken dreams, and through their sacrifices shine a bright light on the importance of family. Review: ‘n Man Soos My Pa / Daniel Dercksen in conversation with writer-director Sean Else about ‘n Man Soos My Pa

MATERIAL – (2012) Cassim is a young Muslim man who works in his father’s fabric shop in Johannesburg. However, Cassim wants to be a stand-up comedian, which his father disproves of. When he gets a gig at a local bar, he has to find a way of keeping it a secret. Directed by Craig Freimond and written by Craig Freimond, Ronnie Apteker, Robbie Thorpe, Rosalind Butler and Riaad Moosa.

MAYFAIR – (2018) Mayfair takes the classic gangster film – one that peels back the layers of moral hypocrisy beneath the crime boss’s veneer of respectability – and locates it in Mayfair, Johannesburg, in 2016. ‘Mayfair’ tells the story of prodigal son Zaid Randera (Ronak Patani) who returns home to Mayfair in Johannesburg, where his overbearing father Aziz (Rajesh Gopie) – a businessman and occasional money launderer – is facing death threats. Screenwriter Neil McCarthy talks about the New South African film Mayfair / Gangster tale Mayfair a new South African film by award-winning director Sara Blecher

MEERKAT MAANTUIG – (2018) Meerkat Maantuig is inspired by the youth novella Blinde Sambok by renowned South African author Riana Scheepers. Writer-director Hanneke Schutte, decided to use the book as a point of departure and turn it into a cinematic story set in the majestic forests of Magoebaskloof, South Africa. Gideonette de la Rey is a fearful 13-year-old girl who believes in a family curse that has been passed down from generation to generation. Scared and desperate she’s unable to escape this story that has shaped her identity. Ultimately, it’s only by facing her fears that she’s able to transcend it. Writer-director Hanneke Schutte talks about Meerkat Maantuig, a truly unique South African film.

MODDER EN BLOED – (2016) It’s a poignant story of man versus himself when incarcerated with other Boer prisoners-of-war on the island of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, but also the story of Afrikaner men tortured emotionally and physically by a monstrous British tyrant during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902, as well as the story of a British woman who redeems herself through the horrors she witnesses. These three narratives are neatly woven into a tapestry of suspense and drama, where the humanity of tortured souls is tested and the evil of dark souls are confronted. Review: Modder en Bloed (Blood and Glory) / Interview: Writer-director Sean Else talks about Modder en Bloed / Interview: Storymaker Henk Pretorius Lives His Dream With Modder & Bloed

MY FATHER’S WAR – (2016) Examining war and its effect on family. A son who has a strained relationship with his dad begins having vivid dreams that show him what his dad went through.  Edwin van der Walt is wonderfully hateable as wild-child rebel Dap Smit in South African coming-of-age war drama. Director: Craig Gardner. Cast: Edwin van der Walt, Stian Bam, Erica Wessels, Fumani Shilubana. Writer-director Craig Gardner talks about My Father’s War

MY HUNTER’S HEART – (2010) This documentary was shot over three and a half years, the film explores the world’s most ancient shamanic culture which is severely threatened as their traditional way of life and skills have been taken away from them. It tracks the Khomani San of the Southern Kalahari, the oldest living indigenous tribe in the world, who are genetically linked to every human being on Planet Earth. In modern times, their traditional nomadic way of life has changed and westernisation has severed their link to the land and the animals. The film follows younger members of the clan, /Urugab and his family, as they embark on an epic journey to try to recapture some of the knowledge and skills of their ancestors. Director: Craig Foster, Damon Foster / Writer: Craig Foster, Damon Foster / Stars: Urugab Kruiper, Sanna Witbooi, Tina Swarts

NOBODY’S DIED LAUGHING – (2016)  A documentary celebrating the life and work of South African activist and artist Pieter Dirk-Uys. The film takes the audience on a journey from South Africa to Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Geneva to highlight the importance of standing up for what you believe in with the power of laughter. Director: Willem Oelofsen, Geoffrey Butler Stars: Eric Abraham, F.W. de Klerk, Sophia Loren

NOEM MY SKOLLIE -(2016) The riveting Noem My Skollie delivers on the themes of friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, acceptance, the desire for a better life, hope and love, and is set on the Cape Flats and in Pollsmoor prison, based on the life of John W. Fredericks, who also wrote the screenplay at the age of 60. Noem My Skollie tells the story of four teenagers, AB (Austin Rose) and his three best friends Gimba (Ethan Patton), Gif (Joshua Vraagom) and Shorty (Valentino de Klerk) who grow up on the impoverished ganglands of Cape Flats in the 1960s. From Real Life To Reel Life: Noem My Skollie – the true story of a young man in 1960’s Cape Town who became a storyteller in jail.

NUL IS NIE NIKS NIE -(2017) Director Morné du Toit’s remarkable Nul is nie niks nie is an inspiring, heart-warming story about life, death and the continued hope that can be found somewhere between the two. This heart-warming story is about life, death and everything in between. The film tells the story of three friends (Hoender, Drikus and Chris) who set out to make Drikus’ last wish come true – to make a zombie movie. During their filmmaking process Hoender starts to deal with the loss of his father, he makes new friends, works on his self-confidence and realises that he has a lot to offer. Drikus’ love of life and determination brings the surrounding lifeless community together and gives them a new lease on life. Director Morné du Toit talks about Nul Is Nie Niks Nie

ONCE UPON A TIME A ROAD TRIP – (2013) Sean’s death leaves behind a twin brother, a lover and a good friend. His last will and testament insists that the three get together on a road trip to plant a cross where he died and also to try and get along. His twin brother had for years distanced himself from them because he did not approve of his brother’s cabaret lifestyle and the friends he kept. They set off on a road trip through Southern Africa to perform tasks laid down in the will in order to inherit from the estate. They also have to do one final task of performing as a trio, the ‘Manginas’ for one last show with the twin brother taking his brother’s part as a drag artist. Director: David Moore / Writer: David Moore / Stars: Tobie Cronje, Godfrey Johnson, Sue Mitchell * Only available on BluRay

ONTWAKING – (2016) A grisly, action-packed thriller that investigates the mind and motivations of an acutely intelligent serial killer, and marks the directorial debut of acclaimed production designer Johnny Breedt (Paljas, Hotel Rwanda, A Long Walk to Freedom). Interview with Die Ontwaking producer, writer and director Johnny Breedt

PAD NA JOU HART – (2014) Basson has five days to get to his father’s funeral in Cape Town, but he needs to complete certain tasks on this trip before he can call the family company his own. On the road he meets free-spirited bohemian Amory. As they journey across South Africa’s breathtaking landscape, they meet wonderful characters who allow for hilarious moments and life-changing experiences. Their trip takes a sudden bad turn when a villainous figure appears. Basson and Amory are faced with disappointment and heartache. On the road called life, it is inevitable that you will take some wrong turns. But no matter how hard the road might be, en route to true love is where you will find your true north. Directed by Jaco Smit With Ivan Botha, DonnaLee Roberts, Marius Weyers.

PALJAS – (1997) A family’s life in the Karoo (a semi-desert area in South Africa) is changed when a travelling circus leaves behind a clown. Director: Katinka Heyns / Writer: Chris Barnard / Stars: Ellis Pearson, Jan Ellis, Marius Weyers, Aletta Bezuidenhout, Ian Roberts

PAWPAW VIR MY DARLING – (2016) Family. You want to live without them, but can’t survive without them. That’s the essence of writer-director Koos Roets’ quirky satire ‘n Paw Paw Vir My Darling, which takes us on a humorous and heartfelt journey into the hearts and souls of a needy Afrikaner family living in the fictional Damnville in 2003. Based on an idea which Roets skilfully adapted from Jeanne Goosen’ bestseller that offered  an intelligent and her sharp observation and understanding of the pshyce of characters and their reactions to the social, cultural and political mileu in which they find themselves, the film adaptation aptly celebrates the core of Goosen’s work. Writer-director Koos Roets talks about ‘n Pawpaw Vir My Darling

PLATTELAND – (2011) Featuring a stellar cast of actors and musician and putting a vibrant new spin on some of the most popular Afrikaans hits of the past few years, Platteland tells the story of Riana van Niekerk, who is desperately fighting to save her family’s farm from Mike Ferreira. He has his own agenda and is determined to drive Riana from the land and seize her farm. When Dirk Pretorius, a drifter with his own secrets, arrives in town, new alliances are formed and love blossoms in unexpected ways. Directed by Sean Else / Written by Deon Opperman and Sean Else / Starring Liane May, Bok van Blerk, Steve Hofmeyr

DIE REBELLIE VAN LAFRAS VERWEY – In Chris Barnard’s poignant drama Die Rebellie Van Lafras Verwey Tobie Cronje takes on the title role of a man who has worked as a clerk in the Civil Service in Pretoria for thirty years. By day he sorts files and whiles away the mundane hours writing grandiose propaganda speeches and drilling imaginary platoons in the washroom, but unbeknownst to his colleagues he is also a clandestine parcel courier for a secret organization that recruited his services to complete their covert mission. The bonus features include a behind the scenes featurette.  Watch The Trailer

RECCE – (2018) writer-director Johannes Ferdinand (Ferdi) van Zyl film poignantly shows that without a past, there is no future.After the SADF wrongfully declares young RECCE Henk Viljoen dead behind enemy lines, it’s up to him alone to use every skill and tool in his arsenal to make it back to his grieving wife. With the enemy hot on his trail and a lethal gunshot wound in his gut, Henk’s chances for survival are looking slim as he navigates the treacherous war-torn African landscape. The Recce – A New South African War Drama / Writer-Director Johannes Ferdinand van Zyl talks about his astounding new South African Film The Recce

ROEPMAN – (2011) Tells the story of a 1966 railway community, told through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy, called Timus. Director: Paul Eilers / Writer: Piet de Jager, Salmon de Jager, Jan van Tonder / Stars: Paul Loots, John-Henry Opperman, Deon Lotz

SHEPHERDS AND BUTCHERS – (2016) Shepherds and Butchers is a 2016 South African drama film directed by Oliver Schmitz. It is an adaptation of the debut novel of the same name by Chris Marnewick, a New Zealand-based author and former South African High Court barrister and judge. Nearing the end of apartheid in South Africa, a young white prison guard (Garion Dowds) embarks on a seemingly motiveless shooting that sees to the death of seven unarmed black men. A British-born lawyer assigned to his case (Steve Coogan) sets out to prove his actions were a direct result of psychological trauma from his volatile work environment. The defense attorney is an ardent opponent of the death penalty. Shepherds and Butchers puts death penalty on trial and changes history

SINK – (2016) ‘Sink’ is a contemporary drama that explores the themes of entrapment, loss and forgiveness against the backdrop of the current South African class structure and the experience of foreign nationals in the country. It tells the compelling story three people trying to deal with a tragic situation: Rachel (Shoki Mokgapa), is a mother trying to come to terms with the loss of her child and the bitterness that she feels towards the people responsible; Michelle (Anel Alexander), a woman trying to deal with the arrival of her own child and the guilt that she feels towards her involvement in the death of another’s; and Chris (Jacques Bessenger), a man trying to juggle both of the above as well as a relationship with a co-worker that threatens his marriage. Interview: Storyteller and Storymaker Brett Michael Innes Talks About Sink

SKEMERSON – (2019) The film tells the story of a young man, Sella (Beyers) who decides to take his own life. He is a doctor whose mental state has been triggered by the trauma of losing his mum after he nursed her for some time. Not only is his grief overwhelming but he also feels responsible for her death and blames himself. He stands on the 216m high Bloukrans Bridge, the iconic arch bridge located near Nature’s Valley, about to meet his fate, when he hears a young woman’s laugh. Emma (Anneke Weidemann), is taking care of her frail mother (acclaimed actress Elize Cawood), who is dying and does not have long to live. Their meeting is the beginning of a weekend that will change their lives forever. Skemerson’ is produced by Niel van Deventer (Dis Ek, Anna) and Pietie Beyers. The film stars Pietie Beyers (Binneland, Sy Klink Soos Lente), Elize Cawood (Vir Altyd, Die Wonderwerker) and Anneke Weidemann (Die Wonderwerker, Die Ongelooflike Avonture van Hanna Hoekom).  Skemerson encapsulates the experience of grief and loss in all its different forms

SOMERSON – (2015) A thirty something couple decide to break away on a last gasp holiday in an attempt to get their marital spark back. A dream holiday in paradise might be the answer but an accident along the way sends them on an unexpected adventure. Directed byClinton Lubbe / Written by Kuan Jacobs, Zandeli Meyer and Lourens van der Merwe.Stars: Reynard Slabbert, Juanita de Villiers, Bok van Blerk.

STROOMOP – (2018) Stroomop follows the lives of five very unique, very diverse women who are all trying to keep their heads above water on this river we call life, but who are actually busy drowning under the weight of the definition of being perfect … Perfect mother, perfect woman, perfect career, perfect weight, perfect hair … (Yes, this list can become very very long!) Women who are being tossed about in the biggest waves that sometimes thunder over all of us in life, or who have simply been swept away in an unending stream of worldly expectations and who have completely lost their own identity. Award-winning actor, screenwriter, producer and television presenter Ivan Botha talks about his long-awaited directorial debut Stroomop

STROPERS (The Harvesters) – (2019) An internationally co-produced feature film set within the rural Free State region of contemporary South Africa, an isolated stronghold of the Afrikaans ethnic minority. It is a psychological drama exploring the coming-of-age of a new generation of Afrikaans youth. It tells the story of obedient Afrikaans teenager, Janno, who witnesses his childhood come to an abrupt end on the day his fiercely religious mother, Marie, brings home a mysterious street orphan, Pieter, to foster on the family’s remote cattle farm. Writer-director Etienne Kallos talks about Die Stropers (The Harvesters) / Harvesting The Innocence Of Youth

STUUR GROETE AAN MANNETJIES ROUX – (2013) A teenage girl visits her aunt and uncle on their Karoo farm during the school vacation. She makes a series of discoveries: she finds out who she really is and where she comes from. Three visitors in one week change her life forever, and her uncle’s obsession with the try by Mannetjies Roux is finally explained. Director: Paul Eilers / Writer: Salmon de Jager, Christopher Torr, Simon Torr / Stars: Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Ian Roberts.

SY KLINK SOOS LENTE -(2016) What do you do when you meet the girl of your dreams and realise you’re not good enough for her? You lie, of course… Ben (Stiaan Smith), a complacent mechanic meets Linda (Amalia Uys), a beautiful and outspoken auditor in a bar one night. They start chatting and there are immediate sparks, but when Linda asks Ben what he does for a living, he lies and tells her he’s the lead singer in a band. Because not only is Linda out of Ben’s league, her father is also his boss. Linda immediately likes the charming muso, they fall for each other, and Ben has to start a band to conceal his lie and win over the girl of his dreams. “ Sy Klink Soos Lente is an exciting revival of the Afrikaans Romantic Comedy genre / Stiaan Smith talks about writing and starring in Sy Klink Soos Lente

TESS -(2016) Sassy twenty-year-old Tess (Christa Visser) sells her body on Cape Town’s streets.  She survives by popping painkillers by the bunch and through her wry humour.  But her life turns upside down when she falls pregnant. Though Tess tries to run, her past torments her. She begins to question her own sanity. Tess fights back, fighting her demons, searching for the truth. When she abandons her daily ritual of popping pills, awful pictures from her past ambush her mind. But Tess does not allow herself to collapse. Instead, she learns – perhaps because of the baby in her belly – to connect with the people around her. The Congolese refugee next door (Nse Ikpe-Etim0 treats her like a daughter. An impotent client shows her his heart. Tess finds sanctuary among strong women in a belly dance studio, and discovers she can dance up a storm. With new courage she tracks down her childhood friend, Dumi, who helps her to face the truth of her past. Tracey Farren adapted her novel to film, with Meg Rickards in the director’s chair. Bringing Tess to the big screen

THYS & TRIX – (2018) Thys and Trix (Bouwer Bosch and Leandie du Randt Bosch) are siblings and eager yet helpless police officers. Their constant feud results in their expulsion after it causes yet another embarrassment for the police service. Detective Solomons is investigating the activities of a crime syndicate in an exclusive golf estate outside Mossel Bay. Due to their ‘vanilla’ appearance, Thys and Trix are singled out for the first time as the most competent team to lead an investigation. However, the fact that they must pretend to be a married couple to make the investigation credible, complicates the situation. Solomons has to accompany them, but isn’t happy that he’ll be their butler. Soon they have an entire list of suspects. On the list are their neighbours: the Janse van Rensburg’s (the alpha-couple); the Marais’ (the alternative hippie couple); the Le Roux’s (the gay couple) and Heidi (the widower who catches Thys’ eye) Are any of Thys and Trix’s new neighbours perhaps involved with the production and distribution of MTHC, a paralysing hallucinogenic. Thys & Trix – A New South African Comedy With Attitude

TREURGROND – (2015) Treurgrond shows how a farm attack on one family can affect an entire community. Director: Darrell Roodt / Writer: Tarryn-Tanille Prinsloo / Stars: Steve Hofmeyr, Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Jana Stry

TRIOMF – (2008) “Triomf’ is about the ultimate dysfunctional family, the Benades, poor white working class Afrikaner trailer trash on the eve of the country’s first democratic election. On the eve of elections in the newly democratic South Africa, the whole country is restless. In the poor white neighbourhood of Triomf, built on the ruins of the legendary Sophiatown, the Benade family is part of that white marginalized class, rarely shown in South African cinema. Father, mother, son with learning disabilities and uncle Treppie share a decaying house surrounded by promiscuity. Worried about the result of the elections, they plan to escape to the North. In Triomf, vigorous performances from Vanessa Cooke, Lionel Newton, Eduan Van Jaarsveldt, Pam Andrews, Obed Baloyi and Paul Luckhoff give South African film characters we have never been brave enough to show until now. Directed by Michael Raeburn / Screenplay by Michael Raeburn, Malcolm Kohll (Adaptation from the novel by Marlene van Niekerk) Read more

UITVLUCHT – (2015) The story of Anna, a teacher who through an error in judgement loses everything that matters to her in life. In her heartache she finds a job at a farm school called Uitvlucht in the Eastern Cape. As she is confronted with the choices she made in her life she slowly starts experiencing healing and restoration and learns to forgive herself. She starts accepting her circumstances and the fact that someone will love her again. With the support of the teachers and Dok, a kind hearted and friendly farmer, who visits the school and make friends with Anna, she finds the courage to re-build herself and others around her. Besides her own drama, she must also suddenly deal with the alcohol abuse of school parents, molestation and ruthless people who have no respect for their own lives. Director: Regardt van den Bergh / Writer: Clara Joubert van den Bergh, Regardt van den Bergh / Stars: Clara Joubert van den Bergh, Stian Bam, Margot Luyt Regardt van den Bergh talks about his inspirational film Uitvlucht.

VAN DER MERWE – (2017) Van der Merwe, a bumbling farmer from a traditional farming family, struggles to keep his family together when his daughter returns from England with her British fiancé and family. Written and directed by Bruce Lawley and starring Rob van Vuuren, Chanelle de Jager, and Reine Swart. 

DIE VERHAAL VAN RACHELTJIE DE BEER -(2019) A retelling of the tragic yet heart-warming folktale about a young girl who makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her brother’s life, and has been adapted for the big screen by writer-director Matthys Boshoff , based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Brett Michael Innes, who co-wrote the screenplay. The Story of Racheltjie de Beer – A tale for all South Africans / Die verhaal van Racheltjie de Beer – A beloved South African folk tale brought to life on the Big Screen /

VERRAAIERS – (2012) A loving family man and respected Boer-officer, decides to head home, after hearing that the British are planning a scorched earth policy, to protect his wife and family rather than to further participate in the war. Director: Paul Eilers / Writer: Salmon de Jager / Stars: Gys de Villiers, Vilje Maritz, Andrew Thompson

VERSKIETENDE STER – (2015) The story of musical prodigy Phillip Schuman, who has the weight of the real world threatening to shadow the light of his genius. Verskietende Ster Screenwriter Stefan Enslin Reaches For The Stars

VIR DIE VOËLS -(2016) Vir Die Voëls  was inspired by the true story of Irma Humpel (Simoné Nortmann), a surly tomboy who ends up in a wedding dress, in front of the altar, with the boy who relentlessly teased her as a child. She has always believed that independence was the only form of freedom, until Sampie de Klerk (Francois Jacobs) came along and challenged her convictions on all levels. The film is set in the late 1970s and will make you feel nostalgic. It’s a film about a strong, mature woman and an equally strong man who respects that woman enough to fight for her love. It’s a story about inner conflict and preventing external circumstances and emotional baggage from getting in the way of future happiness. Writer-director Quentin Krog talks about the romantic drama Vir Die Voëls


THE WHALE CALLER – (2016) Since childhood, the Whale Caller has been calling the whales to Hermanus Cove. Now he seems more in love with a whale he named Sharisha than with the woman who loves him, Saluni. Director: Zola Maseko / Writer: Zola Maseko, Zakes Mda / Stars: Jarrid Geduld, Amrain Ismail-Essop, Sello Maake Ka-Ncube 

WHITE LION – (2010) A young African boy named Gisani finds himself destined to protect a rare and magnificent white lion cub named Letsatsi who is cast from his pride and is forced to survive on his own. Director: Michael Swan / Writer: Ivan Milborrow, Michael Swan, Janet van Eeden / Stars: Jamie Bartlett, John Kani, Thabo Malema

DIE WINDPOMP – (2014) Die Windpomp is an endearing, humorous and quirky fantasy love story that revolves around a summer romance in a retirement village between 20 year old Hendri and Margot, with an unexpected twist. Director: Etienne Fourie / Writer: Etienne Fourie / Stars: Leandie du Randt, Chris Roland, Roland Reed

WONDERLUS -(2018) In the new Afrikaans romantic comedy Wonderlus, a wedding goes awry and the morning after, friends and foes need to piece together the puzzle of the night before. In search of answers, a groom (Edwin van der Walt) needs to pursue the love of his life, a bride (Mila Guy) has to untangle herself from the past and a waitress (Lea Vivier) tries to escape the present. Writer-Director-Editor Johan Cronje talks about Wonderlus

DIE WONDERWERKER – (2012) Die Wonderwerker tells the story of Eugène Marais, a famous Afrikaans writer, poet and researcher. The story focuses on the few months he spends on the Van Rooyen’s farm, where he falls in love with the 19-year-old Jane Brayshaw. Director: Katinka Heyns / Writer: Chris Barnard / Stars: Dawid Minnaar, Elize Cawood, Marius Weyers

THE WORLD UNSEEN – The World Unseen is a 2007 historical drama film, written and directed by Shamim Sarif, adapted from her own novel. The film is set in 1950s Cape Town, South Africa during the beginning of apartheid. The film stars Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth as two Indian South African women who fall in love in a racist, sexist, and homophobic society.